Sunday, 24 May 2009

Playing Tourist

It has been awesome having Chrish home while he recovers from his recent operations. The best thing has been to see him so well and back to his old self. It must be so strange for him to be able to eat what he wants and to be well again, especially after being sick for so long. We have been loving having him just pop in to visit and stay the night as well. On Thursday he texted to ask if he could stay for a couple of nights as he was going to be in town, and the boys were so excited.

On Friday we had all day together while Noah and Jay were at school, and Aaron was at work. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wouldn't mind going up to the Gorge for a look as he hadn't been up there for a number of years. We love the Gorge and loved playing tourist with him.

This is exactly the same spot where we had photos taken of my brother Daniel, who passed away. The same equipment is still there. It's amazing to think it's still the same 28 years later!

Chrish is quite the photographer and loves to get different angles!

Harri is lots of fun lately. He was loving posing for the camera.

When I told him to get a jumper on he came back with his Hawks jumper. He saw me taking photos as he walked with Chrish and yelled out 'get a photo of my Hawks top, Mum!'. I told him I had already (as I had taken probably 80 photos by then!) and he said 'no - get a photo of my Hawks jumper, Mum!' and came right up close for a pic. He had lots of fun stirring Chrish all day as he goes for the Crows.

I love this photo that Chrish took of us on the bridge.

Kobe fell asleep by the end of the walk. When Harri knew we were heading up to the Gorge he was so excited and asked if we could go swimming! I told him it was way too cold for a swim, and after he saw the pool I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to get in anyway.

We had lots of fun playing with the timer on Chrish's camera and with my remote for my camera.

We grabbed some lunch and then went for a walk to the Seaport where Chrish hadn't been before.

I know Chrish loves living in Sydney and is happy there, but all day I was stirring him asking why he wouldn't want to move back home. If only we could find him a great job and a great girl - I'm sure he would stay then! :D


  1. They're awesome pics!
    I love the one of you and Harri (and sleeping Kobester) on the bridge too! Very cute.
    You've had some awesome 'mum' photos lately, haven't you!?
    Well done, tour guide.

  2. I had great fun, nothing like having the time to just take pic after pic after pic.

    Thanks for running me around.

    Oh yeh I'm knocking off some pics for FB :)

  3. Good on Harri for stirring Chrish about the crows, as he tried to brainwash the kids when he visited us. The kids were in the bath and he said Maddi had spelt a word with her foam bath letters. I came rushing in to see what she had coincidentally written and he had spelt crow on the wall!

  4. You have to watch him every second.
    I loved all your photos Lee, and Chrish's as well.
    Isn't Launnie pretty in the Autumn?
    Love Mum.

  5. Really nice photos (as usual) Lisa. It is fun being a tourist huh!!

  6. WE will have to put an AD on facebook for you Crish????? There has gotta be a gorgeous chick out there in Tassie (preferrably Lonnie) for you..... love Lonnie in Autumn too....

  7. Love the picture of you guys on the bridge too!!!

  8. Aren't we having a spectacular Autumn?

    Hide his keys on Sunday!

  9. Oh Lisa,
    I love the photos..I think I should go out and take some more photos of the falling leaves..I've been abit slack with my camera lately..I know I have to get back into it soon..
    Love Jackie

  10. as the pics!

  11. My favourite is that bridge one with the orange leaves in the foreground.


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