Friday, 8 May 2009


Today was such a beautiful Autumn day - the perfect day to go to AGFEST. The last time we went to AGFEST (or 'DAGFEST' as Aaron calls it), Jay was about 8 months old. We aren't really into all the farm stuff, but there is always something to look at like the crafts and animals and always lots of yummy food. I thought it would be fun to spend the day there with Harri and Kobe while the other boys were at school, and Mum, Dad and Chrish also joined us.

I remember it being big last time we went, but it has grown a lot since the last time I went.
I couldn't believe how many cars were there. It's amazing to think that Tassie puts on such a big thing over three days - supposedly they are hoping to get around 75,000 people through in the three days. I'm pretty sure we went on the busiest day as there were lots of school groups around. We happened to run into Mr Prebble with a group of school kids at the Hawks tents of all places! I think he was really there to sign up as a member ;) It was nice to see Lizzie was one of his group of four kids that he had with him.
Harri loved the Hawks tents, and spent ages having a go with the handball target and even got Chrish into it. Chrish was walking dangerous ground with his Crows bag on!

Harri loved being able to jump on anything.

There was lots of interesting things to see and do. I don't think we even got to see half of it, even though we were there for hours.

It was great to have Chrish there with us. He did well walking around all day, especially as he's just had two major operations. (Nicki and Alex - Kevin is in the top right of this pic if you look really hard - next to the truck with the door open).

Kobe was such a good boy all day - he was just happy to sit in his pram and watch everything going on. Grandma couldn't help but get him out to give him a little bit of a cuddle though.

Harri got sick of it after a while and and kept saying 'are we going home soon Mum?'. Lucky I had his little 'skate board' on the back of the pram, so he just had to stand on it while I pushed. We found the perfect sign that we had to just put him next to.

It was a great day and out of all the yummy gourmet food that they had, I was very happy to just grab a dagwood dog for lunch :D On the way out Chrish and I treated ourselves to a mango icecream from the Ashgrove Cheese stall. Usually Aaron wouldn't be interested, but I think because we kept telling him how good it was, he wishes he got to go to 'DAGFEST' too. Maybe next year we will all go together on the Saturday.


  1. Yay I LOVE AGFEST...can't afford to go this year:( the BEST part is the anvers hot chocolate and food hall!!
    This is collette btw

  2. We missed out on the icecream, and had to hunt for our car as usual.
    Looks like the first photo was taken from the helicopter.
    Love Mum.

  3. Nothing beats a Dagwood dog hey?! Thanks for pointing Kevin out, I wouldn't of noticed him otherwise. I bet Aaron will be converted to Agfest next time!

  4. Love the sign and Harri with his head in his hand! What a great day I last went when pregnant with Paddy so maybe time to go again???

  5. Looks like you had good weather - always makes these things so much more enjoyable. I used to enjoy going with Mum, Dad and Elle all those years ago!!
    I must say Lisa - I'm amazed at how you always manage to blog on the day of your adventures.... I wish I could do that more - I'm always so behind! I think I'm Just too lazy!! lol But well done... its always nice reading when it's just happened! :-)


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