Sunday, 3 May 2009

The BEST Surprise Ever!

So - what would you do after having two major surgeries and spending almost a month in hospital!? Jump in your car and drive ten hours to Melbourne (from Sydney), sleep the night in your car in the middle of Melbourne (but in close proximity to a hospital - just in case!), watch the Hawks V the Blues at the MCG, jump on the spirit of Tasmania and then rock up to church and surprise everyone!

Chrish gave everyone the best surprise ever today! At 1.30 we got a phone call from Mum on my mobile asking where we were. She said they decided they wanted to see the boys after church and decided to come in to surprise us. We had gone to visit our friend Marlo as we weren't expecting Mum and Dad to drop in. I told them to let themselves in and start cleaning the house for us :D We got home and walked into a lovely clean house and lots of vegies peeled ready for tea. The best surprise was to come though. Not long after I walked in Chrish came walking out of my bedroom!!!

It was one of those situtions where you recognise the person, but they aren't where they are supposed to be (like when I see nurses in town) and you don't register for a second who they really are. He had his shirt and tie on from church and at first I thought it was someone from church (like strange people from church just jump out of my bedroom everyday!), and then I thought he was a missionary and then it clicked it was him!!! We were so excited to see him and everyone gave him a big hug.

They stayed for tea and we made sure Chrish got the biggest plate of food as he has lost a lot of weight in the last month from not being able to eat much.

Harri kept asking them if they were going to stay for FHE which we usually have on Sunday night as Monday nights are too crazy. He was so excited as he wanted them to stay for the game which was going to be 'hide and seek'. The boys LOVE playing hide and seek, but there aren't very many good hiding spots in our house, and if it is a good spot you have to be really tiny to get into it!

Chrish did well getting himself into hiding spots especially considering he has just had major surgery.

Mum and Dad were 'great' at finding great hiding spots (not!). Mum thought she could look really inconspicuous just standing in the corner of the hall and was wondering how I found her so easy!

Dad just stood in the toilet and scared the crap out of Kobe when Mum found him!

It was so good to see Chrish and to see him feeling better. Hopefully he can have a great recovery down here in the fresh air of Tassie before he has to go back to work in June.


  1. It was a hilarious night.
    Love Mum.

  2. That was a cool surprise, sounds like fun. Hope Chrish gets better quickly!

  3. *just wondering how appropriate it would be for a missionary to be in your bedroom....* hahahaa.

    That's SO exciting! What a great surprise!


  4. Looks like Kobe is feeling better-that's good. Having a sick babe is the pits!

  5. I am dissapointed there isn't a photo on here of your 'surprised face!'

  6. Nicki - Chrish took one, but accidentally deleted it off his camera! Lucky for me! :D

  7. That's the best!!! Wish my brother would do that.
    Will have to settle for when they come over again in July!

  8. I wish it had only been 4 weeks in hospital, mightn't have got so frustrated then.

    It was fun suprising everyone though

  9. I was sitting in Sunday School when he walked in and ever so nonchalantly sat next to your Mum and Dad. The looks on their faces was a classic. When Chrish walked in we all gasped. Your Mum and Dad where at the very front row, us sitting further up the back saw him first.


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