Thursday, 14 May 2009

"I Didn't Lose!"

Today was the cross country for the early childhood classes, at school. Harri was so excited to go in it. Last night at tea he kept saying 'I'm going to win!' and of course we told him it didn't matter if he won or lost, but to try his hardest and have fun (but of course we were secretly hoping that he may be the sporty one in the family and do well!;).

He was so excited when he saw us and gave us a big smile and wave as he went over to the starting line.

They were so cute to watch. They just kept looking at each other as they ran with the biggest smiles on their faces.

He actually surprised us and did really well. We thought he was going to run out of puff about three quarters of the way around the oval, but kept ahead of the main pack.

He ended up coming third and was so proud of himself. His good friend, Sarah came first and the whole school was cheering her on. When I went over to see him after the race he was so happy and said 'I didn't lose!!'. It was like he surprised himself!

One of Noah's teachers is in love with Kobe. Whenever we see her she steals him and says she is going to take him home. I told her she could've had him last night as he was up half the night crying! She told me that if she did have him then he would've been happy and wouldn't have been up half the night! She is very funny.

We were going to stay to watch Noah 'run' (or Di run!), but he was asleep, so there was no use taking him in it. It's lovely seeing the kids with him. They are always holding his hands or rubbing his head.

Di said he wasn't having a very happy day - I think he is still getting over Alison trying to convert him to the Bombers when she came on Tuesday.


  1. Congrats Harri!!!!!
    I bet Di was disapointed that Noah was having a nap and did not get to do in the race :)

  2. Well done Harri!

    Poor Noah - I feel so very sorry for him having that Bombers supporter look after him!!!

  3. Maybe we will get an iron man out of this.
    Just love his face when he is coming up to the finish line.
    Tell him I am proud of him.
    It's great that the kids are so good with Noah.
    Love Mum.

  4. That is NOT why he was not having a good day!!

    Bombers forever!

    Also: was Di just going to run in Noah's place, or, was she going to run, pushing the wheelchair, or what? I'm just trying to visualise it.

    GO HAZ!

  5. Di was going to run while pushing Noah :D I think she gave Noah some extra meds at lunch time so he would be asleep and miss out! ;)

  6. Harri is THE MAN...go Harri...

  7. I love the first photo of Harri...he's really getting into it!!
    I can't wait to watch my kids at the sports carnivals. :)

  8. Thanks Nikki. It's great when your kids are school age - so many fun things to watch them do. It's interesting being a Mum who was also a teacher too - I find it hard to just be a Mum sometimes and not get in the teacher roll, but it's great as I loved being a teacher and now love being able to be at home full time and just be my boys teacher and be a part of their school life. I said to Aaron today that I would hate it if I was working and couldn't watch the boys all the time.

  9. Yeah absolutely. And time goes so fast (even when it doesn't seem like it at the time!) It would be such a shame missing those special/exciting events in our childrens' lives. And I'm sure it means so much to them as well.

  10. Way to go Harri!! Maybe we should Hallie and Harri in a race together.:)

  11. How sweet that Noah has such lovely little friends.. i loved that last picture


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