Sunday, 31 May 2009

Photos with Fiona

It has been a great month or so having Chrish home as he recuperates from his recent operations, but unfortunately he is going back 'home' to Sydney tomorrow. It's very rare that we are all home together so we thought we should take the opportunity to get some nice photos taken of the whole family.

We recently got back in contact with Fiona Harding (thanks facebook!) who we grew up with as kids. We haven't seen her for a long time(probably about 15 years or so!), but it has been great catching up via facebook and each other's blogs. I LOVE checking our her photo blog. She says she is 'still learning' but her photos are incredible and I love the way she edits them on photoshop. We were really excited when Mum rang her and she said she would love to take some photos for us.

We all met at Deloraine yesterday and it was freeeeeeezing! Steph cracked me up as she is starting to become a true Tasmanian as she said 'it really was warm this week, it's only just got cold'.

Fiona was fantastic. She was very patient and so good with the kids. Harri was being Harri and burst into tears as his shoes were muddy. It was a whole group shot and the kids were starting to get a bit restless. I really wanted him to settle down so we could just get the photo done, but in true Harri style he was carrying on and kept crying 'my shoes are dirty!!!'. Fiona was great and told him to go with her as she had something special for him. Harri came back with the biggest grin on his face with a bottle of bubbles to blow.

The funniest comment from Fiona all day was 'Aaron you are a lot grumpier than you come across on Lisa's blog!'. I cracked up and told her he is always grumpy (not really - but he was just being Aaron). All day she was stirring him about the Hawks (her husband is also a big Hawks fan so she understands my pain). I think she even took a photo just for Aaron of his Hawks socks!

She started off doing some posed shots of the whole family and then individual families in different ways.

We then went across to the park and had fun just playing around together with the leaves under the trees while she got some more natural shots. We all ended up with a lot of leaves down our tops and dirt in our hair!

It is so exciting keeping an eye on her blog as more and more photos come up (already!). We are so excited to see them all and love what she has done so far. Thank you so much Fiona for such a great day and for all the beautiful photos you took! Here are just a few of the hundreds that she took. For more go and check out her blog as I know she will be putting a lot more up as she edits them.


  1. If I put the photo up of Aaron's Hawthorn socks, my computer might get a virus and you'll lose all of your photos! I specifically said NO FOOTBALL clothing - but he just couldn't help himself, could he?!!!!!

  2. great family shots you guys.... well done fiona...

  3. I,m really happy with the photos.
    It's exciting going to sit down in front of the computer, and wait for the 'surprises'.


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