Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Not Happy

This is what happens when you let a Bombers supporter in the house to look after Noah - especially one that loves to rub it in that the Bombers beat the Hawks by 44 points last Friday.

Noah has been yelling all afternoon, and we are sure it is because he knows Alison is trying to convert him over to the bombers and he is NOT happy about it!


  1. I think he's probably unhappy that he's not allowed to support the RIGHT team in his own dang house!

    My, oh my, what a grumpy bum. I should have just kept him in the bath! He was loving it!

    Hope he sleeps well tonight!

  2. Well done Noah - you keep shouting!!!

  3. Judging by the post heading - i first thought you were talking about Aaron ;)

  4. Sack the girl I say.
    Love Mum.
    P.S. She is obviously incompetent.

  5. Hey! Am not!
    Bombers forever!

  6. GO the Bombers!! I live with 3 Hawks supports so I always feel out numbered. :0)

  7. Now if you had said you were a Tigers fan i might have gone into bat for you...but...shout on Noah..you tell her mate...

  8. oy, cant believe you havent blogged about "it" yet!! He he... I didnt go there when Dave went through it!!!! Glad to hear its all done! Remember clear it out!!! ha!

  9. You could not pay me to be a Tigers fan!


    Bombers forever, Noah!


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