Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Steph's Snowy Due Date

Today is the day that Eden and Steph's baby is due. We knew that their little one would most likely not make an appearance today, so Becky, Nicki and I planned on going out to their house for lunch and a catch up.

It was beautiful on the way out seeing all the snow on the mountains. I love seeing the snow when it is a sunny day like today, but hate waking up to the huge frosts we are getting at the moment. There were big puddles at Eden and Steph's back door that were still frozen over with ice.

It was great to see their house all finished off - it is so big and is so nice. Eden has done a great job.

Just before I took this pic Eden was sitting down watching Finding Nemo with the kids. He quickly jumped up when I pulled out the camera, saying people would think he doesn't work! I think he at least deserves a 10 min sit down after all the hard work he has done on the house :)

Steph's Mum is down from Sydney, ready for when the baby arrives. Hopefully she won't have to wait around too long until he or she comes. Chloe was very interested in Kobe.

Harri had a great time playing with his cousins. It cracked me up as the three girls were running around with their hot pink dolls prams and dolls- something I am just not used too! Before we came home we went and said a quick hi to Grandpa and wished him luck for his procedure he is having on Friday - hopefully they can adjust his shunt to work better. As we were driving up the drive Harri kept saying 'but Grandma's not here!' (she has gone to Sydney to see Chrish). He was happy to see Grandpa was home though.

The day wore Harri out and ten minutes into the drive home, he was snoozing along with Kobe (and yes - I did take that photo while driving - very quickly! Simone - don't tell Simon or they will start a new law that you can not only use your mobile phone while driving, but can also not take photos ;)


  1. Eden and Stephs new home looks so lovely! I love your snowy mountain picture too- it really is a beautiful area

  2. Eden and Steph must be excited to be in their new home. Hopefully their little one will make an arrival soon!

  3. haha...taking photos whilst driving - thats what i call multi-tasking!! their house looks awesome, i was just thinking about steph last night wondering how she is doing...hopefully not too much longer for them.

  4. that house is beautiful. what a sweet pic of Harri sleeping.

  5. He,he. Simon is a bit of a secret blogger browser so you better watch out. :) What a good distraction for Steph having you guys all out there. I sure hope she is not as overdue as she was with Chloe.

  6. Looks like you guys had a fun trip out to the country. Interesting to see the pics of the house now and how it's come up with everything down or nearly there.

    The snow actually looks quite nice on the mountain.


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