Monday, 21 July 2008

Birthday Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Jalen was invited to go and spend the weekend at his friend - Brayden's shack at Bicheno (East Coast of Tassie). This morning at school his Mum had put some photos from the trip in Jalen's tub. It was nice to see what they got up to. It was Brayden's 9th birthday and his Mum said all he wanted to do for his birthday was go to the shack and spend the weekend with Jay. Jalen hasn't been anywhere except for Brayden's house for one night and also Mum and Dad's house for a night, so we weren't sure how he would go being so far from home for two nights.

He was very excited to go and had a great time. All weekend the boys played on their nintendo DS' together.

They also had lots of fun fishing, and exploring Bicheno.

We rang him each day and he was having lots of fun, but when he got home he became very quiet when we asked him if he missed us. He said he had fun but still missed us and lots of tears welled up in his eyes. We talked to him about it and he said that he would like to go again, but really missed all of us. Harri really missed him too - crying all weekend saying he wanted Jay to come home from Brayden's house. I'm sure in a few years time they will be happy to have time away from each other.


  1. Gee he sure is growing up going all that way with his friend. It is also nice to know when they miss us. I'm sure in later years they will be hanging out to get away from us. :)

  2. Looks like fun had by all to me. Jay has definitely improved after the stay over at mum and dads.

  3. Looks like they had a great time.

  4. That's so cute... did you miss him too?
    I miss my kids terribly when they are on camp... BUT enjoy the little break with one less! lol


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