Monday, 14 July 2008

A Sunny Walk

Today Aaron was home sick with the same cold and flu that the boys have had. Noah was also home, and because Aaron was home it meant I didn't have to take Noah in the van to pick up Jalen after school. That is a good thing, but also can be a pain as it means that I don't get my lovely disabled park right at the front door of the school. Its especially handy to have that park on rainy days :)

The school has no parking at all and everyone has to park on the street which means you either have to get there really early for a decent park or you have to walk miles. To save having to fight for a park, I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy the sun today and walk up to school to meet Jay. Kobe was wide awake and we have never really used his pram yet (bit hard to push a wheelchair and pram at the same time!), so I bundled him up into his pram to give it a road test. Kobe wasn't that impressed by it all.

I had to contain my excitement on the way as I spotted the first blossoms for the year!! I absolutely hate winter - I'm sure I have a bit of that seasonal depression as I just feel yuck all winter. If the sun is out it isn't so bad. After I got home I just had to go back to take a photo of the first blossom I have spotted for the year. Bring on Spring!!!


  1. I LOVE seeing the blossoms too... Its so exciting! They seem to be out early this year. Not only does it mean spring is on its way but the blossoms are just beautiful. My Dad just planted a whole row of flowering cherrys out the front of our house so its going to be very exciting to see them all out this year!!
    Sorry to hear the sickness is still carrying on.

  2. haha that pic of Kobe hating his pram ride is priceless!

  3. Glad you got out to test drive the pram. Kobe looks so cute,and I know what you mean about seasonal depression as Nicki and I were saying yesterday we both think we feel that way in the winter too. Absolutely loved the photo of the blossom. It would look lovely enlarged to hang on the wall,and another thing, what were you doing having your camera,just going to school to pick up Jae? Stupid question aye!!! Love Mum xxx

  4. That photo of the blossom is just beautiful- I really really love it. I love how its all dark and wintery in the background with a beautiful blossom reminding us of the promise of spring...beautiful pic!

  5. I don't care for winter either, but gained a real appreciation for the seasons when we lived in Arizona. I'm just glad that winters are short/summers are long here in Kennewick. Doug would have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me to move to Idaho-that's for sure!

  6. Kobe looks very impressed with his ride, just love how he is sticking out his tongue.


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