Friday, 25 July 2008

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These people that have private blogs get me every time! I always forget to check their blogs as the blog roll doesn't let me know when they have updated their blog. Today I thought I'd better check out their blogs and Hannah had tagged me to answer a few questions so here goes:

10 Years Ago
Aaron and I had been married for almost 3 years and I was in my first year out of uni - teaching three different classes in the one year. I was lucky enough to get a teaching position straight out of uni, which was also in town. It was only for first term though, but I didn't mind as I was just happy to have something and close to home. My first class was at Youngtown Primary on a Kindergarten. I was then lucky to be able to stay on at the same school for second term as a teacher went on long service leave. During second term I taught her Prep class, and then in third term I was offered a position at Port Dalrymple School at George Town - teaching a Kinder again. I loved teaching and actually enjoyed the different experiences on the three different classes that I taught that year. In each class I had a child with special needs.

This is the class I taught during second term - the funny thing is now Aaron is teaching them all as they now go to Kings Meadows High!! If I ever see any of them they tell me they still remember how to count to ten in Japanese - at least I taught them something :)

5 Years Ago
Jalen was almost 4 years old and Noah was 2. I was still adjusting to life with Noah and we had already had a lot of admissions into hospital, trips to Drs, and appointments with therapists. I had put on a LOT of weight - probably from lots of emotional eating. We were living in Ellison Street, Newstead and I still had the same great friends that I had since Kinder and are still friends with today :)

Bec and I

Pip and I

5 Months Ago
I was 5 months pregnant with Kobe and so excited that Bec had just given birth to Annie.

5 Things On My 'To Do' List Tomorrow

Go to the gym to do 'Pump' class
Try out my new slow cooker (thanks for the inspiration Anna, Toni and Paige!)
Ring Mum in Sydney
Possibly take Jalen and Harri swimming (if I can brave the cold weather)
Get music time ready for Primary on Sunday

5 Bad Habits
Also using my dryer too much
Leaving clothes on the bedroom floor
Spending too much time on the computer (especially blogging!)
Snacking on junk food at night
Watching Home and Away every night

5 Places I Have Lived
Dunorlan, Tasmania
Portland, Oregon, USA
Rexburg, Idaho, USA
Mowbray, Tasmania
Newstead, Tasmania

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

1. I used to want to be a Travel Consultant
2. I lived in the USA for 13 months and went to College (Uni) there for a year
3. I don't think I really want to teach again, but would prefer to be a Teacher's Aide - particularly for special needs kids (don't want the responsibility of teaching, but love working in schools).
4. I used to love working with my cousin Corom who has Autism, and said I would love to have a child with special needs (be careful what you wish for ;) .
5. I LOVE watching reality TV shows - Big Brother, Survivor, Australian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance , Amazing Race etc.

5 People I Tag (if you can be bothered)
Toni and


  1. Hi Lisa! Chelsea gave me your blog address (hope you don't mind!). I've really enjoyed reading it. It was so great to see pics of you and your beautiful family. It has also been great seeing Pip and Oliver,and Rebecca and Annie. No one's changed a bit! Except for the beautiful little accessories they have created!I'm so clucky now. I have two girls. Tezla is at school with Darby (we love Darbs!), grade three, and Kira is in grade one.

    You are the same happy, positive girlie that you were in primary school! Your blog has made me smile all the way through.


  2. Arielle - it is so good to hear from you!!! Chelsea told me that your daughter was friends with Darby. She is a sweet girl hey?
    I'm glad you read my blog :) At least I know I'm not wasting my time on the computer all day as people are interested in my boring day to day stuff :) You are right - Bec and Pip are exactly the same. Pip is actually pregnant again - due in January which is exciting. Thanks for the comment - it is so good to hear from you and it is such a small world - can't believe you know Chelsea.

  3. That's funny that Aaron has the kids you taught. I bet it makes you feel old. I will have to give you some slow cooker recipes.

  4. Thanks for doing the Tag Lisa! It was fun to do huh! I love learning new things about people!! And reading about what they were doing 5 and 10 years ago is VERY interesting!!


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