Monday, 7 July 2008

Old School Friends

A week or so ago Pip, Bec and I arranged to catch up with lunch at my place. On Saturday we got a lovely surprise with an email from our old school friend Tonya, saying she was over from New Zealand for a few days and was hoping to catch up. It was perfect timing as we were already getting together. All four of us went through Primary and High School together and Tonya lived at Dunorlan also, so we caught the bus to school every day. I was even telling Jay last week about how fun it was on our school bus and how we used to have it decorated on the last day of school with balloons and streamers etc.

It has been almost 20 years since we left High School (boy does that make us sound old!!!). It is great having such close friends who I grew up with. It was funny as Tonya and I hadn't emailed for a while and she didn't realise that I had another baby since we last caught up. Last time we got together was the night that Pip was in labour with Oliver and she wasn't able to catch up with Tonya that night, as she was otherwise occupied :) We had a laugh saying how twenty years ago we would have thought being our age and having kids and jobs would make us feel so old, but we all still feel very young.

Last night I texted Simone telling her that I wouldn't be able to come to the gym today as Harri and Noah are both sick and I was keeping Noah home from school for a few days. While the girls were here for lunch, Simone surprised me with a visit as she was wondering how things were at home and came to see if she could help out. We were laughing as she was saying she was feeling bad for me being stuck at home with the three boys, and here I was lunching with the girls! Kobe is really starting to settle down over the last few days, so he was in bed sleeping away when she arrived and everything was quite civilised. It was nice to catch up with such good friends all at once.


  1. I remember Tonya from the bus now! You're not too old yet!

  2. Isnt it so great to catch up with old school friends- makes you feel 16 again (well, seems most of us feel 16 most ont he time anyway...for me its 19)...glad you had a nice catch up

  3. There was nothing quite like the bus. The yellow one was the coolest.

    Hope you didn't forget to tell Jay about the 20 cent bags of mixed lollies, I remember Ryan staying over or me going there and buying all these bags for the sleep over.

    Those were the days, don't get many lollies for 20 cents now

  4. It is so good to see you still in contact with school friends. And as for Kobes smile, thats one that could melt any heart, it is so nice that you caught it all on camera.

  5. How nice to have such great friends.
    What a gorgoeus little boy Kobe do a wonderful job!!!

  6. Chrish - of course I told Jay about the packets of mixed lollies!! We had the coolest bus ever.


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