Sunday, 20 July 2008

Singing Hats

My job at church is to teach the kids from 3-12 years the songs from the children's songbook. Each month we have a different theme that we work on and in October we present an hour long presentation to the whole congregation which includes songs we have learnt throughout the year. It can get very boring singing the same songs over and over again, so I've been trying to think of different, fun ways to get the kids enthusiastic.

Today I did a winter theme and had lots of sytrofoam 'snow' all around. Because there was 'snow' I dressed up in all my snow gear, including my beanie. I told the kids that since I had to look silly in my beanie then they were all going to be wearing some funny hats too.

Some of the snow was coloured and each colour represented a different song. A child would come up and find a coloured piece of snow to choose which song we would sing. I told the kids I was going to be watching for someone who was really trying their best during the song. All of the kids sang great as they wanted to be able to choose a hat. When I chose the child they could either wear the hat themselves, or put it on someone else. It was hilarious seeing Paul and Merle in a sombrero and clown wig!! The kids thought it was great. They are great sports.

It was heaps of fun and the kids had a great time wearing all the different hats. Harri was dying to put on the Pirate hat, and 'sang' so loud during one song, but I don't think he even knew any of the words - he just mumbled along with the tune.


  1. haha that picture of the challis' is priceless!!

  2. its funny how jalen is wearing a hawthorn beanie.
    cummon the saints!

  3. well, i mean. what is this.


    i thought that your team could do better than that aaron!

  4. What a great idea! Wow, you certainly have a lot of hats!

  5. Darbs and B loved it... thanks Lisa! Great to see ya Sunday.

  6. Charlotte is cool. Love from her Dad


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