Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Great Friends

Last night we went to the Porter's home to see our great friends Justine and Declan. It has been two years since we have seen Declan and one year since Jus came over with Gus and Tilly. They have spent the last year in Jakarta, Indonesia teaching at an international school and having lots of amazing adventures.

It was so nice to see them again and especially exciting as Justine is pregnant after trying for a long time. Declan said he saw Aaron heating up Kobe's bottle and thought 'what have we done!?'. I think it just hit him that their life is going to change big time, but I told him that even though may be hard at times, it is for the better. I'm not sure whether he believed me! Justine is a couple of weeks behind Simone. It just seems like there are babies everywhere at the moment!

Tilly was so interested in Kobe and asked to have a hold. She will be a great big sister. She told me that she wants a sister, and Gus wants a brother. She is so cute, and such a poser!

Gus and Tilly have grown up so much. They are great kids. When we arrived Justine said she heard Gus yell 'Jalen - I haven't seen you for soooo long!' and came up and gave him a big hug. Gus very proudly came and told me that he is still a little bit taller than Jay, so we had to get a photo as we did the same thing last time they were home.

The kids had a great time playing together. Harri asked if we could go to 'Tilly's house another day' and Declan and I cracked up laughing and said 'sure you can Harri'. He has no idea how far away Tilly's house really is!!

I asked Jay what he talked about with Gus and he said 'lots of stuff'. I then asked him 'like what'? and he said about Pokemon and other stuff. Typical boy stuff by the sounds of it!! In ten years time I'm sure it will be talk about girls :)

We did the P.M.I thing where you go around the room and say a positive, negative and interesting thing that happened to you this year. My positive thing was going to Sydney as a family in February and having a great holiday together. The minus was that lots of people in my family have had lots of health problems this year and the interesting thing was that we had a baby - sometimes it is a positive, sometimes it is a negative ;) The interesting thing about it was that we really didn't think we were going to have anymore and then changed our mind.

Kobe was great all night - just getting grizzly when he got tired, but fell asleep with a cuddle from Kit. He only had a quick cat nap and then woke up with big smiles.

We were planning on going out for just a short time, but couldn't drag ourselves away once we were there - finally getting home at 10.45pm! I carried Jay into bed from the van as he fell asleep and it made me laugh as he wasn't much heavier than Noah is. He will be tired and cranky tonight. I was thinking it may be a good thing to get Kobe to bed so late as he had a small feed just before 11, but he had two feeds in the night instead of 1!! Not sure what that was about but I'm tired today and hope he decides to pick up his ideas tonight ;)


  1. There were some grumpy kids in our household too after I got them into bed at 10.30pm. Wasn't it a lovely night?

  2. Kobe is getting cutier by the day and still lokes little in my eyes. I can't believe you have two kids I've not met, it feels like only the other day I was down their and now I realise it was about five years ago!

  3. Glad you guys got the chance to see Dec and Jus! It's so nice to have them home for a little while... great pics!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great night- sorry I missed it

  5. I am so excited that Justine is pregnant! (And that you all got to catch up.)

  6. They are looking tanned and well...aaarg i hate winter...cute kiddie pics!

  7. ohhh I wanna see them too. ANd so glad that table didnt cost a fortune, it does look like a torture machine hey!!! SOme exercise equipment looks like that too!


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