Friday, 11 July 2008

Speed Stack Relay

All week Jay has been asking if I could come to see him in assembly at school which was today. His class were running the assembly and he was going to be one of the presenters and share some work, as well as participate in a speed stack relay with his class, which he was very excited about.

His teacher has bought the class a few sets of speed stacks for the class to use for fun but mainly for them to use to develop their fine motor skills. It is basically a set of cups that you stack up in towers and then back down again and you race each other to see who can do it the fastest. She said a lot of the boys (especially Jay) needed a lot of fine motor practice but weren't keen on the usual fine motor activities - especially now they were in grade 3, but she said that they all LOVE to use the speed stacks and don't realise that they are developing their fine motor skills at the same time.

The whole class participated in the relay which was so fun to watch. The kids loved it.

Jay did a great job at presenting. He panicked yesterday morning when he woke up with a cough and croaky voice as he wasn't sure if he would get to talk in assembly still. He asked me whether his croacky voice could have been his voice breaking! I told him that hopefully he has a while to go till that happens yet. We aren't ready for anything like that just yet!

He also shared his work on sky scrapers.

Kobe was very well behaved during his first assembly. He slept for most of the time and when he did wake (whenever everyone clapped) he would just lay awake and then doze back off. Noah on the other hand decided to yell out at the beginning of assembly (he was home today but came to assembly with me), so Di took him out for a walk. Harri went to play at Ty and Callum's house so I'm sure he is having lots of fun. Thanks Jacquie!


  1. Hell!! your,e teaching about his voice breaking already, what else goes on in the King residence. With some of the things Jae has already told me I,m worried about what else you may have told him. Glad I,ve already gone through the menopause,so we don,t have to discuss that. Love as alwys Mum xxxx

  2. Oh thats so cool!
    I want to get some of those stackers, where do you get them from Lisa?
    George and Jack are always trying to stack our plastic cups, they would love those

  3. Hi Bride
    We actually bought the boys some yesterday after I saw how much Jay loved it in assembly. I found them at a toy shop called Toy World here. We have looked at places like Target etc but couldn't find them. It seems like the bigger toy shops have them though. We were lucky as they were on special down from $70 to $25 which includes the cups, a mat and a timer. $70 is a rip off, so I'm glad they were only $25. The boys have a set each now and race each other all day long.

  4. Wow you got a great bargain!!!Good idea to get two sets, that way they can play against each other... I might try toys r us here, and hopefuly they'll be on sale too.


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