Saturday, 19 July 2008

A Hot Date!

Yesterday I got a phone call from Gillian saying that they weren't doing anything that night until 8pm and were coming over to babysit, so that Aaron and I could have a couple of hours on our own. I laughed and told her she really didn't know what she was getting herself in for, and she said she didn't mind and that they were coming over and we just had to tell her a time.

I emailed Aaron at work and told him that we were going to go on a hot date, and asked him where he wanted to go. I gave him three suggestions - Thai, Mexican or Greek, all of which he flatly turned down (party pooper!). I then gave him the other option which I knew he would go for - the buffet at the Casino. Aaron is better than when I first met him, but he is pretty happy just with meat and three vegies. He tells me he likes going there for the dessert buffet, which I have to admit is very nice.

Poor Gillian and Jade had to put up with the two boys playing with their Stack Cups and the Wii all night.

Its actually very strange going out on our own as it doesn't happen very often, but it was nice. I find it really hard to relax though and find myself eating really fast even though we have a certain amount of time. Usually we are rushing to eat before either Noah or Kobe starts crying or rushing as we have to give the next feed or meds. We did have to dash home as Noah was overdue for his meds by half and hour and when we walked in they had everything under control (as much as it could be anyway!). It was good practice for them before Sam and Clare's little one arrives in January.


  1. I'm glad you got to go out - I remember that hot date you had with Noah and how much it cracked Jalen up.

  2. those girls are AWESOME...woohoo a HOT DATE...this officially makes your life more exciting than ANY of the YSA!!

  3. LOL Collette. Those boys need to be pulled into line!!! They are slack.

  4. what a lovely thing for them to do for you! i'm glad we didn't get too many "hot date" gory details! i always rush my food too, even if i don't have to, waiting to be needed by some little person!!!

  5. What Sam and Clare are having a baby! News to me, you haven't informed me. Congratulations in case you read this Clare! It seems as though everyone is having babies in January. I can list at least half a dozen people that are having babies then. Hope you enjoyed the meal.
    Love Nicki

  6. that's awesome of them. I love it when people just ring and say they are coming. Wish it would happen here! And I am the worst at shovelling down food before Rowan plays up....muusssst slooooow dooown!


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