Thursday, 24 July 2008

Aaron the 'Anti' Blogger (try hard blogger!)

Aaron calls himself the 'anti' blogger. He thinks that blogs aren't cool, but deep down he knows that they are and that all cool people have a blog, which is why he has decided to start one. He is at work and just sent me the link to it, so obviously he is working hard!! ;)
Anyway - if you feel like a laugh now and then and want to check it out - click here.


  1. Oh, you should be nice to Aaron. He IS the father of your children afterall!!!

  2. Paige - you obviously haven't met Aaron!! :) He is a big stirrer and loves to stir anyone and everyone. People don't know how to take him and he often offends as people don't know he is joking. I just tell people - whatever Aaron says is 'crap'!! ha ha

  3. and so is his blog...i just looked!! haha ;)

  4. A true anti-blogger has an anti-blog, not a blog!

    He is a disgrace to the title anti-blogger

    But he s a good guy, so he s forgiven

    Dark Conofman


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