Sunday, 27 July 2008

Meeting my Nephew

I know everyone is hanging out for pics of Eden and Steph's baby. Eden rang this morning and said they were waiting for the Dr before they could go home today and to come up and see them before they left. When I got there the Dr was checking over the baby and said everything looks great. Its amazing how much babies change in just a couple of months as Kobe just seems so big now and is doing so much - especially when you see a tiny newborn again.

There was lots of discussion about names when I got there, but he still hasn't been named. Steph said that by this afternoon they should have decided.

Eden and Steph seem very happy and relaxed. Even though Noah was full on as a baby, I remember how much more relaxed you are with your second one. Steph even asked Eden to bring in her knitting so she could knit while she was waiting to be discharged.

It was nice to meet my newest Nephew. He was very placid and wide awake at times just looking around. Hopefully he will stay that way when he gets home and wakes up a bit :)


  1. Mum reackons there is Chloe in him. He seems tiny and cute. Everyone looks happy and were glad they are going home so soon.

    love mum.

    Good to see your up to date Marge and we got to see the pics first. Babies babies everywhere.

  2. Thanks for the photo update. Knew the'd be fresh off the press! I don't understand why he is so much smaller than Chloe. I thought boys and second babies are usually bigger.

  3. that is so exciting! steph looks great, glad it was such a quick labour for her. we have been in hobart for the weekend and just got back so i'm excited to read the news! p.s. you are looking great too!!

  4. oh he is just adorable and so tiny.


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