Wednesday, 2 July 2008

4 Weeks Old Today

The last four weeks have flown. Its hard to believe that Kobe is already a month old. I would have to say that today has been his most unsettled day since he was born. A couple of days ago I went to get him some formula and the supermarket didn't have the usual one we have been giving him. They had one that was the same brand and very similar, so I grabbed that one thinking that it would be okay - big mistake! Today he has been so miserable. He is quite refluxy - especially at night which makes him really unsettled, but today he has been like it all day. He has hardly slept, but had decided to scream pretty much most of the day. Needless to say we ran to a different supermarket tonight to get him the old formula again which he has taken much better, but is still screaming as it is his usual time of night when he is really unsettled. Unfortunately I jinxed myself like Chelsea the other day, and Kobe is back to 4 hourly feeds during the night but I guess I can't complain as I have to remind myself that he is only a month old.

Aaron played basketball tonight, but lucky I had my helper Jay. He is a great big brother and will talk to Kobe and even sing to him to try to settle him down. Quite often it works, with Kobe settling down to sleep on his shoulder.


  1. Wow the month has flown!(Do you think Jay might want to come for some sleep overs in a months time? :)

  2. yeah seeeeee!! Never say things are going well!!!! Hope he settles down again soon Lisa...

  3. Oh... It must be great to have a little helper... and such a good one too!

  4. I can't believe Kobe is already a month old.
    Jay sounds like a great help, the picture of them is so sweet.


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