Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Long Week

It has been a very long week this week. I know people were starting to get a bit worried when I had two days off in a row from blogging! First of all our net went down on Tuesday which meant no blogging, emails, facebook or surfing the net for 3 days!! We have switched over to a different service provider, which meant we were without the net while the changeover happened, but hopefully it will be worth it with an extra fast internet connection now (Aaron thinks so anyway as he is the download King!).

To top off having no net for three days everyone has been sick. Its horrible that everyone is sick, and I also feel really yuck and like I have no energy either as I have been stuck at home all week and haven't exercised at all. I don't really exercise to lose weight (although that is a bonus if it happens), but more for the way it makes me feel, and I realise this week how much better it makes me feel when I get regularly exercise. I have been missing all my gym buddies too.

Harri has been quite sick all week with a horrible cough and cold. Noah has had the same thing and then this morning Aaron and Jay both woke up with the start of it as well. I really knew Harri was sick when he fell asleep on the couch one afternoon while watching T.V.

Despite being sick Noah actually looks quite good and doesn't seem too bad. We are giving lots of nebs, have the vaporiser going all night and are pumping him full of homeopathics hoping that we can get him through it without antibiotics.

We did get a nice delivery yesterday with a lovely electric throw rug arriving for Noah. I have had a few Qantas frequent flyer points for a while, which I know I will never use as the taxes are usually just about as much as a flight would be anyway, and we never fly with Qantas anymore. I thought I would check out the Qantas Online Store and see if I could find something worth getting on there with my points. I came across this lovely electric throw rug which is soooooo cosy and warm. Noah is always cold - especially at this time of the year, so it is nice that he can lay under it and be so toasty and warm. Mum - you will have to check it out. As soon as it arrived I thought of you and knew you would be so jealous - it is something I can imagine you would love too. Last night I used it during the night feed and it made me way too hot! I had to get rid of it.


  1. I bet it has been a long week. I'm waiting for Jodie to start asking where you are at the gym. Hopefully Jay and Aaron don't get it too bad. That rug sounds like ugg boots except for your whole body!

  2. Why didn't you call and let me know tou were all sick. I would have come in and run around for you all and done the cooking and washing etc? And yes Iwould love Noah,s blanket. It sounds just the perfect pleasuee for me. Love Mum xxxx

  3. Can't believe my crap writing in the last message Love Mum xxxx

  4. It's alright Mum - I'm not sick - I'm the nurse taking care of everyone :)

  5. Here's hoping you're at the end of your sick week and next week will be much better - wow, that blanket does look snug!

  6. I take my hat off to you Lisa, four boys, two of them completely dependent, blogging constantly and you still have time for the gym, if the kids aren't sick!!! You are the modern Wonder-women!

  7. Hope you all feel better really soon. It is going around in melbourne too. I have completely lost my voice (which Christian and Joseph love as I cant yell at them) and I am aching all over.... Hope Kobe dosent get it...
    Take Care


  8. Being sick SUCKS!!! And being stuck in doors SUCKS!!! And not getting any exercise SUCKS!!!!
    Sorry to hear you have had a long week... lets hope next week it better! x

  9. so sorry to hear that Noah and Harri are sick, hope they are better very soon. Junior has a throw just like that and loves it(in the winter, it is over a 100 here at the moment)


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