Saturday, 5 July 2008

"We'll have a girl later...." Harri told me in the bath tonight! Harri, Kobe and I were having a bath together and Harri comes out with 'we'll have a girl later'! I cracked up laughing and asked him what he said and he said 'after Kobe, we'll have a girl later'. I looked at Aaron and we both said "I don't think so!" I told Harri that we weren't going to have any more babies, and he said 'No Mummy - I said later!'. He always knows that if he asks for something and I say no, then he asks 'later?' and then the answer is 'maybe' - but definitely not this time!!! There is no maybe about it :)

Aaron and I were just talking about how hard it is having a newborn and Noah - especially when he isn't happy like the past couple of weeks. I don't have any idea what it is like to have twins, but in some ways I can imagine it as that is how I feel a lot of the time - that we have two babies. Each evening Aaron and I ask 'which one do you want?' as one of us has Noah while the other one has Kobe, and often we will swap to have a 'break'- especially if Kobe is having a real screamer of a night - literally!

Noah isn't feeling very well at all the past few days and has been off school, and today he has been yelling a lot. We did get a quiet hour or so when he fell asleep this afternoon, so Aaron made the most of it.

Sorry Harri - no girls for us! He did tell me that her name would be 'Barry'. I think he is sad deep down that Kobe wasn't called Barry in the end.


  1. Aaron looks very tired in that photo. What a month it has been! I bet you can count on one hand the hrs of sleep you have had. Let's hope no dirty nappies tonight and Kobe's and Noah have a good one.

  2. you guys really are superstars! just remember soon you will look back and you will say to each other, "it really wasn't that bad, was it?!!" aaahh..the beauty of hindsight! hope you get some rest tonight :)

  3. p.s. i love it how you are so busy and exhausted but you still manage to blog and update facebook regularly! thats priorities for ya!

  4. LOL Tone - I always say to Aaron :can you just take so and so, so I can do my blog!?'. Priorities for sure!!
    I don't know about being superstars - we have no choice but to do what we do, (although I guess we did choose to have another baby - crazy!!!), but I said to Aaron yesterday that he isn't going to want another baby when Kobe is more settled and cute and Noah is happy again and he said 'no way - I'm going to remember how bad this is!!'. :)

  5. Harri is just too funny. Love the picture of Noah and Aaron asleep. Sure hope things settle down and you guys can get some rest.

  6. Oh.... what a cute Pic of Aaron and Noah!!!


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