Thursday, 31 July 2008

Catch Up With The Girls

This morning Felicity, Bonnie and I went out to Simone's house to have a catch up with Jus before she goes back to Indonesia next week. It was nice to all catch up again as we did the same thing this time, last year when Jus and the kids came home.

Harri was so excited to see Gus and Tilly again. He said when we got home 'Jay likes Gus and so do I'.

It was so cute hearing Sara and Tilly chatting to each other - just like us older girls do! Sara was lucky enough to stay home from school for the day.

We had way too much food as usual, but it was nice to sit down and catch up for a bit.

Kobe has been so good the last week or so. You wouldn't have even known he was there today.


  1. I just knew you would have blogged this already. I completely forgot about my camera. And wasn't Kobe a dream. I want to put an order in for one just like him. I hope my bath question was not too weird!!

  2. Now i'm curious about the bath question. haha.

    Sounds like you girls have great fun together and the food looks great :)

  3. What a combination of chatterboxes...i'm surprised anyone got a word in with felic and simone there!!

  4. So has he been better since seeing the bowen therapist? I took seth and he coughed up a heap of mucous over 2 days and started breathing better and sleeping heaps better and stopped vomiting. The guy hardly touched him, only his feet for a few minutes.

  5. Hi Elissa - the Bowen guy actually scared me! I felt like he knew a lot about reflexology (working on the feets pressure points etc) but he said all this stuff about Kobe that wasn't true at all and freaked me out. He didn't help at all with Kobe or Noah (we actually only went for Noah but when we walked in with Kobe he was going on and on about all this stuff that wasn't true at all and how we needed to get him to the DR ASAP!). Its a pity because I heard he is good for some things and was hoping he could really help Noah and Kobe, but I think Kobe has just settled down as he has gotten older and his reflux is just settling on its own.

  6. Yes he is a freak. I mean that in the nicest possible way! I have had headaches every day for years and he is the only one who has eased them. I have seen so many people. I suffer the appt to get the relief! Shame he didn't help you guys though.

  7. Hi Lisa -

    I sure am envious when I see pictures of you catching up with friends at home! I just want to be there too. I hope all is well. I'm impressed you have time to blog with 4 kids (and so frequently!). We're all doing well. The kids are getting so excited about Oma and Pop coming next week.


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