Friday, 1 August 2008

Getting Fast

Jalen has been practicing his Stacking Cups flat out for weeks. His teacher now runs a Stacking Cups Club on Fridays during lunch time at school. Heaps of kids have caught onto the craze at school and now has stacking cups at home, so they all bring them along and have relays and contests with them. Those who don't have them can still come along and join in. Jay is so excited about it as their class are the 'club leaders' and come up with ideas of what to do for the following week.

Jay and Harri have been watching the DVD that comes with the cups and learning the different techniques. Jay was very proud to show everyone in his class how to do 'The Cycle'. He often has a crowd around him every morning, watching how he does it. He thinks it is great! His teacher has said that his handwriting has improved a lot lately. I'm sure using the cups so much has been helping with his motor skills.


  1. Wow Jay I am very impressed, way to go.

  2. Goodness, that is so cool.
    Jordan and I were both like, damn I wish I could do that. :)

  3. Fantastic Jalen! Patrick and Lauren are VERY impressed. Patrick can't believe that it's not sped up AND that you have the same pyjamas as him - the funny thing is that Patrick has them on while he's watching your video - and it's 1.40 in the afternoon!!!


  4. ha ha Kylie - that is funny about Pat being in his Pj's in the afternoon - wish it was me! Did you get them on sale at Target? I got them last week for something like $9 down from $20 or something - bargain!


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