Thursday, 1 May 2008

"Little" Annie

This morning Harri and I thought it was about time we went to visit Bec and Annie. It is hard to believe that Annie is already over 8 weeks old! We haven't seen them for ages, and every other time we have to visit she has been asleep, but we were lucky today that she woke up while we were there.

"Little" Annie, isn't so little anymore! She is so cute, with the cutest chubby cheeks. She is the 'dream baby' as she is so settled and happy all the time. Bec is very lucky :)

While we were visiting, Bec's niece - Sophie also came to visit. She is so cute and wanted to help do everything with Annie.

I told Harri that we had better get going so Annie could have another sleep and he looked outside and said 'but it's not night time Mum!'. He has a lot to learn about babies! I told him that babies (hopefully!) sleep a lot in the daytime too as they have to have energy to grow, and he thought it was hilarious that babies would sleep in the day as well as night.

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