Sunday, 11 May 2008

My Mother's Day

Last night I told the boys as they were going to bed, that the best Mother's Day present that they could give me was to sleep in! Jay and Harri were really good and slept in till 8am, but Noah (the naughty boy that he is!) decided that he wanted to come into our bed at 4am and sleep with us. Needless to say the next 4 hours weren't the most comfortable with Noah right near my big tummy all morning.

The boys then came in at 8am with cards and a present that Jay had bought from the Mother's Day stall at school. He had bought me some daffodil bulbs and lollies. He was keen to go and plant the bulbs right there and then, but I talked him into at least waiting till tomorrow! Harri then asked 'I share your lollies with you, Mum?' and has polished them off! The boys then did their usual Sunday thing and piled into bed with the three of us. We will definitely need a much bigger bed when the baby comes if we are all going to fit in! I said to the boys that it would be funny if the baby was born on Mother's Day, and Harri got very excited and asked 'are you going to hospital today Mum!?'.

Jay had made me a card at school. It was very cute and made me laugh, as it sounds like all he cares about is eating!

Di had helped Noah to make a card with his hand print on it.
Harri had drawn me a picture and at first I thought it was of me, but he then told me it was a frog!

I then had a nice leisurely soak in the bath, while Aaron made pancakes for breakfast. The great thing about afternoon church is you don't have to rush around all morning. Before church we thought we had better get some photos. After about 30 photos we got a half decent one with us all (except Noah) looking at the camera!

In Primary at church the boys made me a little gift bag with some coloured bath salts in them. Harri was so excited to give them to me, and asked me if he could use them in the bath! The kids, Dads and youth all sang at church to the Mum's, but I had to play the organ for it, so I didn't actually see the boys sing.

For tea Aaron made my all time favourite (which we also had at Mum and Dad's house yesterday - lucky me!) - roast chicken and baked vegies with gravy. Harri was very excited as we were having 'fizz' with tea as we also had my favourite drink - sparkling apple juice.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely mother's day- well done!

  2. Glad you had such a nice day. The kids each did a great job on your cards.

  3. I can't believe you still like chicken so much, I think I'd be over it having it all the time. Roast Pork sounds great to me with nice crackling:)

    As for Jay and his talks, all I have to say is poor boy, he might be crippled for life :)

    Glad you had an okay mothers day even if you didn't get to eat or use your presents for yourself. haha

  4. That's an adorable Mother's day post!!!


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