Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Zoo Enclosures

Today at school Jalen got to share a unit of work that their class has been doing over the past couple of months, on zoo animals and enclosures. Jay has been loving school this year and said his teacher is 'the best teacher he has ever had' as all they do is 'fun stuff' and don't do any work. I had to laugh and told his teacher, and she said it is funny as they love the work they are doing, but don't realise that they are actually learning and also doing numeracy and literacy at the same time. She said it is great as she can get away with getting them to do a lot more work in the afternoon, when they normally would be taking it a bit easier.

First of all Jay's class shared their work in the whole school assembly.

I don't think Noah was very impressed! :)

Then this afternoon the teacher invited all parents to come in for the last hour of school to see all the work they have been doing. Lucky Aaron didn't have to teach this afternoon, so he was able to come along as well. The kids had a great time showing their parents the work they had done.

Jalen's zoo enclosure and project was on boa constrictors and pythons. They had to research about their animal with a partner and then had to construct an enclosure for that animal. One afternoon they were all out on the netball court measuring out how big their enclosure should be, and then had to draw with chalk their enclosure, where they would put trees etc and any other things the animal would need. They then had to draw a birds eye view map of their enclosure and later on construct their mini enclosure.

Jay's looked great and he was very proud of it.

They also had to make their own powerpoint presentation which Jay was excited to show us.

Harri was excited to spend the afternoon in Jay's class.


  1. Wow, Jay did a great job on his project. Sounds like he has a fantastic teacher.

  2. Wow Punchbowl sounds like a really good school. Powerpoint and all. I'm impressed!

  3. Great work Jay! The model looks awesome! If I have any questions on boa constrictors and powerpoint presentations I know who to ask. I'm sure Grandma can learn a lot of computer skills from you.
    Love Nicki


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