Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bec's Salon

Today Harri and I went around to Bec's house for a visit. Pip was coming into town and Bec and I were lucky to be able to get her to cut our hair while she was in. Even though there were only three kids it was a mad house! While one of us was getting our hair done, the other one was watching Oliver who was busy exploring and not used to being around a hot fireplace, Annie who was an angel as usual but every now and then wanting a little cuddle and Harri who was demanding that it was HIS turn, to have his hair cut.

Despite the chaos it was nice to catch up and to see how much Annie has grown! The last three months have gone so fast.


  1. She is so cute, I can't believe she is three months old already!

  2. Harri looks very spunky with his new cut. Where's a photo of you? Great timing for a haircut. You'll look all fresh for all those baby shots. I hope you have given Aaron strict instructions, to keep the blog going when you're in the hospital.

  3. I can imagine the madhouse there. Now as tomorrow is the due date we want a full-on due date tummy shot posted in the morning thanks.

  4. Any clampping going on? Mum xxxxx

  5. Fun!!! Don't you love getting a haircut! especially when your just about to have a baby... Lol, any pampering is wonderful!


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