Saturday, 31 May 2008

Best Seats In The House

This morning I woke up at about 3am and rolled over. Aaron woke at the same time (probably because a hugely pregnant woman rolling over is not very graceful!) and heard me make a sound and said 'what's wrong?'. I said 'I'm having lots of pains!', and he goes 'that would be right!', as today was the big football match between Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs that he was hanging out to see live. I just cracked up laughing and I think he was VERY relieved to know that I was joking and wasn't really in labour!

Supposedly though everyone else was hoping I would be in labour as Aaron seemed to have the best seats in the house for the game! Every man and his dog were keen to get their hands on his seats if he was in hospital with me. Dad very gladly took Harri's seat, while Harri stayed home with Mum, Noah and I.

Over the past few weeks we have been taking Noah to a new naturopath who is so lovely and has become more of a friend, than just Noah's practitioner. She has just moved over from Melbourne and when I told her that Aaron was hoping to go to the football as he was a big Hawks fan, she told me that one of her best friend's Dad's, works and travels with Hawthorn. She rang him up and told him about Noah and us, and said that he may be able to set something up like Aaron going into the Hawthorn rooms after the game to meet the players, depending on what time he flew out.

It turned out that Pete (the guy who works for Hawthorn) had to fly out straight after the game, but he rang Aaron before the game and went up to his seats to meet him and gave him three polo tops (including the one he has on). Aaron was pumped! He was very apologetic that he couldn't get Aaron into the rooms as he had to leave early, but hopefully we can organise something another time.

Hawthorn lost their first game for the season, and Aaron said they didn't play well at all. It probably worked out well, as it wouldn't have been a very good day to go into the rooms after the game. Jay said it was still fun.


  1. I knew Hawthorn would have to give away the tops to get rid of them. haha. Just kidding Aaron

  2. The game looks like it was lots of fun.
    So Lisa is Aaron going to post on the blog and let us know when the baby arrives?

  3. That was a great joke you played on Aaron!!!
    Yes I hope he lets us know too...
    I think there were lots of disappointed Hawthorn supporters on Saturday, my sis, bro in-law and their kids included!!!

  4. Yeah Lisa I actually did, I wore it out to tea then the Supermarket. Ha ha.
    Haven't you heard?
    They're back in.

    Hurry up and have this baby so while I'm staying with Anna I can come see little Barry. Haha. :)


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