Saturday, 24 May 2008

Guessing Game

Okay - my sister Nicki wants to have a guessing game on here about when this baby will decide to make its appearance . Better give a quick history of my previous labours so you have something to go on. Send a comment if you want to play and guess what date you think he will arrive, weight and length and we will see who is the closest. For a little bit of fun you can even guess the name! Not sure about a prize - I think Nicki should donate it! :) Probably some chocolate, since everyone loves chocolate!

Jalen was supposed to be induced on the 12th day over, but after them trying to induce me and two days of stopping and starting labour, he was finally born on the 14th day overdue. He was 9 lbs 13 ozs (I have BIG babies - probably because I go so far over!).

Noah was 13 days over and I went into labour naturally at 2am in the morning and he was born about 1.30pm. He was 9lb 10 ozs.

I went into labour with Harri on the 10th day overdue and it stopped and started until the 13th day overdue when he was finally born. He was 9lb 9 oz I believe - or maybe 10 oz.

I can't remember their lengths off hand, but they were long. So if you want to play just send a comment. It's like being at a baby shower without actually having one! :)


  1. We have to make this wait exciting somehow! I think the baby will come this Monday the 26th of May. It will weigh 8 pound 14 ounces. The name of the baby will be Shane, after Shane Crawford. The length of the baby will be 52 cm long. My suggestion for the prize, is the baby bonus you will get from Mr Rudd! Ha ha.


  2. Ha ha Nicki :) As for the prize, keep dreaming! Why do you think I agreed to have another baby anyway!?!?! :)

  3. I,ve go no idea, but I think it will be a little smaller than the other boys,and you will have a quicker labour, and I like the name Kobi,after all he is a basketball player!! Love Mum xxx

  4. Also I,ve noticed, you,ve gone from a well rounded basketball shape, to a football shape, how peculiar. Mum xxxx

  5. Well, my first guess date has passed, so I say Saturday May 31st (sorry Aaron) and you'll name him Buddy or Franklin (after Buddy kicks 8 goals at Aurora!). He'll be 9lb3oz and 53cm long, and HOPEFULLY look like you Lisa!

    P.S. peanut butter cups please - they have them at Gourlays! YUM!

  6. Well I am going to have a guess and say June 1st.. Sorry Lisa.... He will be 9lbs, 51cm as for a name I have no idea so I'll leave that one for you!!!!

  7. My Goodness, with that history no wonder you're anxious about the birth...I guess June 5th -school holidays, so Aaron can help with the others while you are in hospital, Heavenly Father's timing is always perfect!

  8. I say 29th, 9.5lb, 54cm. All the boys have certainly come around the same time and similar weight... interesting. I hope you are not waiting around too long though! Good luck xx

  9. I'll guess he'll come one June 6th (sorry, that seems to be your pattern) and be 9 lbs 11 ounces and 54 cm long. I hope I'm wrong on the arrival date.

  10. Okay, Little Jack will make his arrival on 13th June after being induced. He will be over the 10lb mark but will be the most perfect baby ever after a labour less than 24hrs.
    I love lindt balls

  11. This is a fun idea!!! I guess the 2nd of June, 9lb 1oz, 52cm and i really have no idea about a name so i'll just take a stab in the dark and say Thomas,(Tom)???
    Good luck! btw you look great!

  12. The 13th Jacquie and 10lbs!!?!?!?! That means he would be 20 days overdue!!! I hope not!!!!! I love lindt balls too BTW :)

  13. All the may people have it wrong, all the good birthdays are in June so he'll hold on until then at least, most likely the third of june 10am if that helps. haha. 9 pounds six.

    why do we still use pounds to weigh babies anyway when we've swapped over to metric?

    oh his name will be David, named after most likely one of his favourite uncles.

  14. June 7th 8lb 15oz

    Name... Chandler Bing

    Nicki Ill send you my address so you can send me some chocolate when I win!!!

    just remember Lisa.... the pain WILL stop... eventually!

  15. I was thinking the same thing as Chrish about you using pounds. I thought we Americans were the only crazies who still don't use metric units. Metric makes much more sense.

  16. Paige (and Chrish)- just for your info we do weigh our babies using metric, but we always use lbs and ozs too as everyone is used to hearing how big a baby is in lbs and ozs (from when we were babies). If you tell people here your baby is 3.75 kg they just say 'how much is that in pounds?' as it means nothing to them. So pretty much we have stuck with telling people how big babies are in pounds so they have something they can compare it to.

  17. I'll have a stab too... 5th June - (because all the best people are born on the 5th) - 10 pounds, natural labour and birth. Shortish labour and easier birth because you are sooo FIT. And for the name I think Chace. I am sure I am wrong with everything.


  18. 4th June. (sorry, i hope Im wrong)...thats all I got

  19. Lets see... your bunddle of joy will arrive on 28th of May (better start packing your bag) born at 1pm after a nice and gentle, drug free and relativly pain free (all things considered) five hour labour weighing a healthy 7 pound 11 ounce (postive thinking or blogging can't hurt can it :).
    As for the name, well you don't even know that yet because I am going to guess that they got the sex wrong and you are so stunned to have a little girl that you don't end up naming it until the forms are as overdue as Jay was :)

  20. Hmmmmm...
    June 4th
    9 pound 8?
    and maybe call him Joel?

    Hang in there girl, the best bit is just around the corner when you get to hold your little angel!
    xo Holly

  21. 3rd June. 10.51am. 53cms long. 9 pound 8 ounces. Name......... Aaron Junior, (ha,ha)

  22. Haha this is the coolest baby shower i have ever attended lol and as always at ur baby showers im GOING to win :) & i agree with bonus for prize.
    lets see...
    U cant name him jack cause somewhere down the road im having jack& You cant do aaron junior, this world has need for only one aaron :)
    You will name him...
    AFL king....short for:
    Adam Freddy-libro :) ???
    50cms long
    9 pound 2 ounces

  23. oooh am i too late to join in?!!!

    okay, well i think i have a bit of an advantage being a late-entry...everyone who guessed anything before the 29th may has already lost!
    so, i'm going for 3rd june.
    he will be 8 pounds, 10 ounces.
    you won't have stitches.
    51cm long.
    i want to win some ferrero rochers.
    just so you all know, we played this at anna cullis' baby shower and i watch out!

  24. He will be born on his birthday...weigh his body weight at the time...
    and he will be called "oh he's so cute"!

  25. I'm going for my THIRD guess and saying June 7th at 2.50pm(I think someone famous was born then!!!) I'm sticking to 9lb 3oz and 53cm long, and lots of hair - so Harry has somewhere to put his gel!


    Love Kylie


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