Thursday, 1 May 2008

Warming up

Today Jay had his cross country race. It was at Waverley Primary School as they have a good oval and lake that you can run around. The weather this morning was drizzly and cold and Harri and I dreading going to watch in the drizzle, but knew we should go to catch the action.

It was worth going to watch just for the laughs! I think Jay has been watching way too much of 'The Biggest Loser' as before the race he started to do all these push ups and were getting his friends to do them all too!

He was also doing lots of stretches to warm up.

Even at the starting line he was doing push ups!! I'm not sure how he thought it would help in the race :)

I wasn't sure how he would go as he isn't the most athletic person, but he did quite well.

Bec - thought you would like to see this photo :)


  1. Good on you Jae. He just cracks me up, at least he takes his sport seriously, and he has a lot of weight to lose!! Beck,s little girl s just gorgeous. I,m so happy for her Love Mum xxxxx

  2. That's so funny! I loved the 'warm-up' shots. Good on him for giving it all he had!!

  3. what a crack up!!! The push-ups are so funny..

  4. haha- what a crack up- thats so funny!

  5. How funny about the push ups. Love the pic of him running.

  6. Jay, I seem to remember Your Mum giving me money for the cross country. I got $2 for 1st place, $1 for 2nd and 50 cents for third place. You might want to remind her of that. Don't forget to tell her about inflation.


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