Sunday, 18 May 2008

How to ruin a good photo

On Thursday night after the BYU Ambassadors fireside at church, lots of people were taking photos with the members of the group. Collette and Jess would have gotten some great photos, except for a few idiots who decided to ruin their pics! Sorry girls.


  1. How to improve a photo, those girls should feel privileged to have some hot Aussie guys in the photo!!!!


  2. Love the photos, gotta always have some guys getting in with some cute girls

  3. Ha ha this is cool.
    So typical.

  4. Lol... that's funny! Great photo's though.
    We were soooo disappointed we actually missed out on seeing them last night... long story, but we had a bit of a drama at home.
    I was so upset that we couldn't go, i had been hanging out to see them since i bought the tickets!!!
    Didn't get to go to the firseside you were talking about either, it was on the otherside of town..
    Sounds as though you all really had a good time with them.

  5. Ha ha i love how it starts with one ring in and then gets more and more...Thanks guys:)

  6. What a crack-up. And what cheesey grins they had too.

  7. HA HA HA Thanks for that input Aaron, I'm sure Cade would agree - I hear he went to great lengths to get his hair looking slick for one special girl :)

  8. I think, Lisa, that you will offend many nice guys with the term "Idiot". I am just glad you were not talking about me. Poor other guys!!!!

  9. Oh, you ARE LDS, too!!! I thought so a long time ago, but I didn't know. How awesome to have a fellow LDS hydran mom!!! I added a link to your blog on my blog, which is Check us out! I have those cute laughing pics of Xavier on there right now.


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