Friday, 2 May 2008

The new Triple M's

Last night I went along to watch the new Triple M (More Molly Mormons) basketball team play, as they were playing just before the Mollies who I also wanted to watch for a little while.

It was a good night to go and watch as Sarah was down from the mainland for a few days, so Felicity, Sarah, Rebecca and Helene were all playing together for the first (and probably only) time.

On the team are also Pauline, Lisa and Jacquie who all played very well. Jared jumped in at the back of the photo to show what he really thought of the team! :) The score didn't reflect how well they actually did as they got thrashed, but they all played well and I think they will become a good team.

I had a few shots with the Mollies before the game started and am looking forward to hopefully getting back into it within the next couple of months.


  1. Ooooooh I remember the original Molly days! How fun! Wish I was still there to play! Who would have thought that the Mollies would live on for so long! (It's sooo good getting back into sport after so long of big bellyness!)

  2. It is so cool to see those sisters together!!!

  3. haha do the mollys kick butt? Where the heck did helene come from?! her and tim moved back!? Can u give them big hug for me!!

  4. Em- Helene and Tim have moved back to Launceston!!! They couldn't stay away any longer :) It is great to have them back and they have two cute little boys.


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