Thursday, 15 May 2008

We met Nephi!

Tonight we went to a 'fireside' at church put on by the BYU Young Ambassadors. It was an awesome hour of music and talks. Last night I noticed a guy who stood out to me at at the Princess Theater. I thought he was really talented, and mentioned him to Aaron after we got home.

Tonight Aaron pointed the same guy out and said he thought he was on a Liken DVD that we have at home. We both thought he may have played the part of Ammon, and I asked Jalen if he thought it was him and he said he thought that he was actually Nephi, in the DVD - Nephi and Laban.

After the show we went up to him and he said he played the part of Nephi, and his older brother played the part of Ammon. We were very excited to meet him as the boys absolutely love the DVDs. He was a cool guy and really friendly. He was telling us he was going to Samoa with his Mum and brother over the next few days (his Mum is from Samoa).

As we were about to leave home tonight I asked Aaron if I should bring my camera, but he told me no! Thanks to Joe who saved the night and had his camera there and took this pic for us. The guy could have at least kneeled in front of me a bit more to hide my gut!Of course that is the last time listen to Aaron and will continue taking my camera everywhere! Can't let the blogging community down!


  1. What gut? I was thinking you look great for someone who is due to have their baby in about a week (or two in your case :)

  2. Oh Gosh!!! I thought he was really handsome. Jae must have really been watching those D V D s a lot to remember him, and I was real surprised you actually obeyed Aaron. Love Mum xxxx P.S Any clamping going on, oh sorry I meant cramps.

  3. LOL, thats hilarious about the camera. I noticed that guy too..apart from being good looking -he was talented! The whole experience with the BYU embassadors was awesome, having the opportunity to billet them was a wonderful blessing- they had an amazing spirit with them...truly memorable.


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