Thursday, 15 May 2008

BYU Young Ambassadors

What a tough night it was for me last night! We went to see the BYU Young Ambassadors show at the Princess Theatre and the blogerazzi (or bloginator as I have also been called) was banned from taking my camera!! Despite that it was a great show - really professional, and they were all such great singers. I had seen them perform at Ricks College when I was there, so I knew it was going to be a good show. We had a lovely night - sitting in the front row after a small drama with the wheelchair and seating (won't talk about it on here, but it was an 'interesting' situation!). I think half the fun was being there with everyone from church. Even Aaron enjoyed the show (except the Phantom of the Opera section he said - I actually thought that was one of the best sections - the girls voice was incredible).

Noah was really settled and actually had a few smiles which was nice (probably because Aaron was holding him all night!). Harri loved the first half and kept saying 'that was great!' after every song, but at intermission he decided he had enough and wanted to go home as he was tired. He survived the first 5 minutes of the second part of the show and then fell asleep on my lap.

Jay absolutely LOVED the whole show. He was cracking me up as he was laughing so much during the 'Knights of the Round Table - Spamalot' songs. He was laughing so much he was almost crying. We had explained to the boys who the group was - that they were from our church and they go to Brigham Young University in Utah, but through the show Jay kept asking me questions. He first of all asked 'are they American!?' when he heard them talk. Half way through the show he lent over and said 'this is better than I thought it was going to be!'. Collette made a comment to Aaron that she was glad Jay was sitting close to her as he gets into it just as much as she does! Half the fun is watching the boys reactions during the show.

On the way out a lady (part of the crew) asked Jalen was his favourite part was. He told her it was the Knights of the Round Table part and she said that was her favourite part too, and asked him if he would like a BYU pin. He was very excited to get it.

I loved the end where they sang all the Australian songs. There is something about American's singing Aussie songs - makes you even prouder to be an Australian. We are really looking forward to seeing them tonight at church again.

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  1. Sounds like a great night.
    I have heard lots of different comments about the show, some good and some bad! We are going on Saturday night, I'm really looking forward to it! I'll let you know!!!


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