Friday, 30 May 2008

Waiting for "Barry"

Well - we are still waiting on our baby to arrive. The room is all set up, the suitcase is finally packed, and the fitball is even blown up (so I can use it while I'm in labour - I remember bouncing on it flat out last time).

I'm actually not really over it yet, which is surprising as I remember with the last three pregnancies I was dying to get them out by now. I saw the Dr yesterday and everything is good and he actually gave me a choice of being induced now or not. I told him I really wanted to go on my own if everything was okay, and he was happy to let me go longer so hopefully I can go into labour naturally, and have a 'good' birth experience. I was induced with Jalen and it was not a good labour at all, and he was a very irritable baby.

Harri was looking for me today and yelled out 'are you in Barry's room?'. A few months ago Harri was being a pain in bed. Aaron threatened to move him back into his old bedroom (now the babies room) and used the babies name that we had decided on, saying 'do you want to go and sleep in ......... room?'. I didn't realise that Harri knew and remembered the name until one night he just came out with it! We were so worried that he was going to start telling everyone the real name (we need to keep something a surprise!) that we started to call the baby 'Barry' instead.

Now whenever we talk about the baby he is 'Barry'. Whenever someone asks Harri what the babies name is he tells them 'Barry' and they look at me very strangely like 'are you serious!?'. I just laugh and say - 'why not? We have a Harri, why not have Barry?'. When we go shopping for baby stuff, Harri always asks 'is that for Barry?'. This morning he asked 'is Barry coming out today?' He is going to be totally devastated when the baby does arrive and is given a different name!


  1. That room looks very organised. Now it just needs Barry in it. I'm hoping all your hard gym work has paid off and he just kinda pops out for you.

  2. The Nursery looks so cute!!! I want Barry to hurry up as well. :)

  3. We'll have to bribe Harri with some chocolate.! Maybe he will recall the real name then.

  4. The babies room looks so nice and all ready. Can't wait to find out what baby "Barry's" real name is.

  5. good old bazza! can't wait to see him :)

  6. If Barry is coming naturally then my predicted due date of 13/06 is looking good. I can taste the box of Chocolates already. Another two weeks of Jodie cracking her baby jokes will be very wearing.

  7. Ready Set Go! Come on little Barry :-)


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