Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Noah's 'not a kid'!

So, supposedly Noah is not a kid! That is what Harri told me yesterday.

I asked him when our baby was going to come and he said 'next Wednesday'. Sounds good to me! I then asked him if he will help me when the baby comes and he said he would. I said that he could help give the baby cuddles when he is crying. He then said he would and that Jalen would also give the baby cuddles. I said 'what about Noah?' and Harri looked at me like I was stupid and says 'he can't cuddle the baby Mum!'. I asked him why he couldn't and he said 'because he's not a kid!'. Not sure what that means, but that was the only way Harri could explain why Noah doesn't do things like Jay and himself.

Last week he told me that Noah doesn't clean up his room because he is 'too tired'. Wish that excuse worked with me too! :) I wouldn't mind laying around all day like Noah, having massages all the time!


  1. Children have such funny ways of expressing themselves! In response to your comment on my blog, yep, I'm from the hydran group, and I asked the genetics question! You may absolutely put a link to my blog on yours, only if you don't mind if I link to yours too (sorry, I didn't think to ask 1st!)! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Kids say the funniest things. Harri is just so funny.

  3. Harri's mind in just ticking away - you're a good MUM Lisa

  4. I think I'll use that excuse for my bedroom always being messy as well, Thanks Harri !!!

  5. Noah does not have to clean his room because he gets tired, I get tired so does that mean that I don't have to clean. Do you think you could get Harri to explain it to Eden for me.


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