Monday, 5 May 2008

Kissing Cousins

Today we had a visit from Becky and Kelsea who had to come into town for a couple of things. It was great to see them, as we don't get to catch up as much as we would like. Kelsea is so cute. Becky and I were talking about how she is a lot like Jalen - in looks and personality. Very placid and sensitive, just like Jay.

I asked Harri to sit with her for a couple of photos before they left and they were so funny giving each other hugs and kisses.


  1. ooohhhh sweet little cousins. I'm hoping I didn't kiss any of my cousins (I may have had a tiny crush on Levi during in the 80s).

  2. I was saying to Bec and Jared the other week that I thought Kels looked just like Jalen when he was in their wedding... sooo cute!!!

  3. Your,e right, Kels is a lot like Jae,and yes yet again I have beautiful grandchildren Mum xxxx


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