Tuesday, 27 May 2008


This morning we had a lovely visit from Bec and Annie, and Lynne and Joel.

It was the first time we had seen Joel since he was born 7 weeks ago, and he has grown so much and is so cute, smiling and making sounds.

It is nice seeing how much they change from that newborn stage, to responding to things around them. It reminds me that it may not be all that bad :)

The plan was to have lots of things on this week (morning teas and going out for tea with the girls) with the hope that all the plans would be thrown out the window with a baby arriving, but so far it hasn't worked. Its okay though as I'm still feeling really good and am not uncomfortable at all yet, so I'm enjoying the last week or two of being pregnant (definitely for the last time!) before it gets really busy again.


  1. been thinking of you heaps..... I made VT plans... that made me go into labour!!! no, it just happens when it happens hey. YOU told me something about having sex 20 times in 12 hours was it??... why dont ya try that! Loved your email you sent... you look great Lisa.

  2. We were told by a midwife it was 17 times in 24 hours!! There is NO way that is happening!!

  3. You were supposed to have the baby yesterday!! What's going on with little Shane? I think it's time you try the trick that made my waters break with Maddi!

  4. Oh they are so cute. Now Lisa with a title like Babies, I was expecting to hear that the newest member of your family had arrived.

  5. What gorgeous babies - almost makes me clucky. Pity I'm a NANNA now!!!

    I look forward to hearing that BUDDY FRANKLIN KING has been born on Saturday at 11pm (to make sure the footy is over!).

    Take care,


  6. Thinking of you as your time draws near. I'm not even due yet but am getting impatient :-) Your little man can't be too far away now!
    xo Holly

  7. phew...i'm glad you haven't had your baby yet! the comp went offline on monday at lunch time and i keep thinking i'm going to miss the big announcement! any day now...


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