Saturday, 17 May 2008

8 in a row!

Today I had strict instructions that I was NOT to go into labour until after the Hawthorn V Port Adelaide game today, at Aurora Stadium. Aaron had been hanging out all year for them to play a Saturday game in Tassie so he could go to watch. He told me that if I was having contractions to ring when they were '5 seconds apart', and he later told me to just ring when 'the head was crowning'! Talk about priorities!!

Usually we all go to the game, but I didn't really feel like sitting for hours with a huge tummy in the cold, when I'm not really into the game anyway. I am always usually just busy dealing with Harri and Noah anyway (as you can imagine Aaron is VERY into the game and doesn't see anything else going on around him!). This time Aaron decided to just take Harri and Jay. I warned him that I didn't think Harri would last very long before he got sick of it and he would have to deal with him, but he said he would see how it goes. Aaron bought tickets so they could sit with Jim, Kristen and Nyah as well as Mum and Dad and Eden.

The boys were excited to get all their gear on before they left.

Before the game Aaron said the boys had a great time going down to see 'Hawka' and giving him hi-5's.

During the game I texted Aaron to see how things were and he said Jay was loving it, and that Harri was good at first, but was now sick of it and wanted me and wanted to come home.

He tried to keep him happy with food, but I don't think it worked too well, as when he got home he told me "I was crying because I wanted you Mummy".

Thank goodness that Hawthorn won, as I knew Aaron was going to come home very stressed and with a migraine if they didn't! Usually he is very easy going - but anything to do with Hawthorn is VERY serious! He said it was lots of fun sitting with Jim who is also a huge Hawks fan. Hawthorn have now won 8 games in a row and are having a very good year. I keep warning Aaron that they are going to have to lose soon, but he says it won't be till 2009.

The boys had fun running around on the ground after the game. Jay told me it was awesome and Aaron said that for the first time he was really into watching the entire game and was really into it. Harri was excited about one thing - he told me that one of the players had his pants pulled down and thought it was hilarious!

I now have permission to go into labour, but not on Saturday 30th May as that is the next game here in Tassie. This time I think Aaron will be happy to leave Harri at home with Noah and I (and possibly a baby)! Noah and I had a lovely quiet afternoon (he has had a much happier week thanks to some things we have been trying) and we even went out for a nice walk together.


  1. WOO-HOO! I hope Aaron took my advice and booked grand final flights! Goodluck on Wednesday Lisa (the 21st!!!)


    GO HAWKS!!!

  2. I feel kind of sad for the boys being dragged into something they really don't know about. Brain washing is bad.

    Well I must go, the MIGHTY CROWS are about to come on !!!

  3. Looks like they had a great time

  4. Sounds like a great day Lisa. I bet you're glad you stayed home! Well done for not letting the baby out! I probably would have prank called Aaron anyway! Just to test him!


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