Saturday, 10 May 2008

Early Mother's Day Tea

Tonight we had our monthly family tea at Mum and Dad's, and decided that it would be an early Mother's Day tea. We started off calling into Eden and Steph's house to see how it was progressing. The plaster is now all up inside and it really looks like a house now - it is very exciting!

At tea time there was a beautiful sunset and Dad made the comment that I should take a photo as we 'wouldn't get that in the city'. He also made the comment that I was 'looking different' to everyone, which is his 'nice' way of saying that I am big!!

Little Alex is growing up so fast. Everyone was happy to pass him around all night. He is such a good baby, and we love to stir Nicki as she always makes comments about how he is grizzling, but you wouldn't even know it! Compared to my boys screams when they were babies, I would take his cry any day!

Aaron is so excited about our baby coming soon. He is so clucky and loved having a hold of Alex (he makes up for me - I never get that 'clucky' feeling, but just know it is time to have another baby). On the way home he asked me how old he was and said it was a nice age, and can't wait for our baby to be the same age.

After tea everyone had a play on the Wii. Nicki and Alex hadn't played before so it was fun watching them try different games. I think they were surprised as to how much of a sweat they worked up.

It was a nice night. The boys love going out there and seeing everyone each month.

Mum's lap is getting smaller as she gets more and more grandkids, but I don't think she is complaining :)


  1. Best Mother,s Day ever, and so many laughs,and I love having my grandchildren around. Thankyou to all my family for all my lovely presents and best of all, your company. Love Mum and Grandma. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Looks like you had such a nice day. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. lisa
    you have a beautiful family and you all look great..
    isn't it nice just to sleep in for a little bit..sounds like you had a lovely day..going to see the young embassadors on wed..


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