Thursday, 29 May 2008

Wii Fit

A couple of weeks ago we lashed out and bought the new Wii Fit game, on the day that it was released in Australia. We saw a review of it on one of those top quality current affair shows ;) I think it was on Today Tonight. It looked like lots of fun, so we went and bought it while it was on special.

The boys have been having heaps of fun using it. I registered myself as a user on it, but haven't used it since. Jay thinks it is hilarious as every time he has a turn it says 'do you know that Lisa hasn't used me for a while' or something to that affect.

When you first register with it, it weighs you and tells you your body mass index (after you tell it your height). You then set a goal of whether you want to lose weight and in how much time. It then tracks how you are going and how often you use it. You can do lots of fun stuff like balancing activities, aerobic exercises, yoga and strength work. As you improve the game sets you harder things to do. The boys love to have running races with each other.

Harri often uses it alone when Jay is at school and loves doing the 'press ups'.

Not sure if Aaron is going to the loo here or doing the ski jump ;)

I'm looking forward to getting on it once I finally pop this baby out. I really will be the 'biggest loser' then :)


  1. Maybe Aaron is showing you the best position on how to get that baby out!!!! Love Mum xxx

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!!! I am getting inpatient waiting for Barry to come to so I don’t know how you are feeling.

  3. I have wondered what they are like! Looks cool! Are ya staying sane Lisa?

  4. wow! that looks awesome...might motivate me to exercise!


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