Tuesday, 6 May 2008


On Sunday after church I had a lovely surprise with Jess Triptree asking if I was doing anything on Tuesday night, and whether I would be her adopted Mum for the night. The Young Women were having a Pamper Night for their Mum's before Mother's Day, and since Angela has three daughters in Young Women's she got to share them around for the night, instead of having all three massage her at the same time :)

We started off the night with chocolates and non-alcoholic wine, in a dimly lit room with relaxation music going.

Ellen then talked to us about massage and different pressure points on the body etc. She had brought along lots of lotions and potions, and hand massagers for the girls to use on their Mums.

She talked about how different pressure points can help different conditions. I got very excited and we joked about Jess bringing on labour for me, by rubbing certain parts of my body. This was the view I had most of the night, as Jess gave me a beautiful foot massage.

All the Mum's were very spoiled, and I was very lucky to be invited along for the night :)

Although I don't think eating chocolates, while laying down and being pregnant mixes very well. I think I am going to pay for it with reflux all night!

Sam cracked me up as she was so relaxed by giving her Mum a massage. She kept getting drowsier as the night went on, and she wasn't even the one having a massage!

It was a lovely night, and nice to hang out with the Young Women again.


  1. Lisa sounds like you had a very nice time. A massage sounds great.

  2. Oh that looks like just what you needed. What a pity it did not bring on little Barri!! I missed you at the gym today.

  3. I am so glad they shared the love! It is so nice to have included you! I was surprised to see a photo of you though! What's going on- you hate them (we love them though!)
    Love you

  4. Glad to hear you got pampered. I guess that's one disadvantage of having sons. You'll never get to go to young women's and get pampered, unless you adopt a daughter!

  5. You lucky thing you! It is such a lovely thing to be pampered and lucky that the triptrees have three girls to share themselves around. I reckon that the young men should do something special for their mum's like this as well! Our boys combined with the girls and prpared a lovely three course meal for the mum's.


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