Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A desk of memories

Just after Aaron passed away I was up at his school dropping off his school keys and collected his belongings from his desk at school. They had been packed up into a box and I had a quick look through when I got it home, but it had been sitting in the garage until today.   This was actually Aaron's desk a few years ago.  He always had his desk covered in things that he loved - pictures of us, sports schedules, and Hawthorn.  Last year Aaron made sure his desk was facing out a window into the hall, so he could see the students walking past. He used to love having things all over the windows, and also his desk.

I've been wanting to give the garage a big clean out, so decided that today I finally started doing it, and started with the box of things from his desk.

It made me cry but also smile when I found his staff ID tags. He always made sure he wore Hawks colours (even if it was just a tie) on school photo day.  The photo of him with his Hawks scarf and geurnsey always makes me laugh. I totally thought he was joking that he was going to wear it for his school photo, but obviously he wasn't!

He loved laminating photos and posters and putting them on his desk.

This photo looks like my carpet is a mess and I promise we haven't really gone to the dogs that much yet! I took this photo in the garage where there is a little bit of carpet (covered in crap that has blown in from outside:)  He really loved this group that left school a couple of years ago as he was their grade leader for a couple of years. He was really sad the day they left, and I actually remember picking him up after school and he started crying as he felt so sad that they were leaving.

Every Wednesday after school, the boys and I would go up to visit him in his office, so I could drop them off and take Noah to the chiropractor without them.   We used to love seeing his desk and what he had done to it (especially when he had decorated it with Christmas decorations during December, including Hawthorn tinsel).  It's so hard to believe that his desk now belongs to someone else.


  1. He really loved his life and passions, didn't he Lisa? You can tell by all of the little (and not so little!) reminders everywhere.

    (Laughing at your carpet...)!!!!

    Sorry you have to do all of these yucky jobs x

  2. Aaron is going to keep on making us laugh indefinitely! It takes a big heart to do that even when they're not here anymore. Love always x

  3. So hard Lisa. I guess there are things that will happen that you have to deal with that are unexpected or that you haven't thought about .... I feel for you having to do this .... Aaron was probably right there with you hugging you.

  4. I can't help staring at his desk- even the apples sitting there and all those photos of you all over the years. Says SO much about the person he is/was. xx

  5. Lisa, what a beautiful life you have lived. Aaron was a lucky man to have a wife that so completely supported him and let him be who he was and do what he loved. You are one in a million. What a wonderful thing to share. Thank you!

  6. He didn't get to live nearly long enough, but he sure did it with passion while he was here.


  7. i'm an avid scrapbooker (former history teacher...the historian/writing down the story is in my blood, i guess) but you should put all of that in a scrapbook to remember aaron by. on sad days, you can pull it out and look at it and remember what an amazing person he was as a teacher, husband and dad :)

  8. It is so evident that he lived life to the fullest. Such a great reminder to us all how precious life is.

  9. Every time I read one of your posts, I think about how special Aaron seems to have been and how many lives he touched in a positive way.

  10. I agree, your husband has touched so many in life, and now with his passing.

    Hugs to you all..


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