Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Song for Dad

Before church today we headed up to the cemetery to visit Aaron and Noah's graves.  Chrish was going up one last time before he headed back to Sydney today after being in Tassie for just over three weeks (after extending his 'holiday' for a week).

Harri was so excited to find a wrestling guy that one of Aaron's students had left, as Aaron loves the wrestling and they used to talk about it a lot together at school.

We hadn't been up to the cemetery all week so there were lots of dead flowers to clear away.

Some beautiful person had left these at both Aaron's and Noah's graves, with a lovely message on the back. 

As we were driving into the cemetery Kobe says 'me going to sing Daddy 'Party Rockers' - he 'wikes' that song'. I laughed and said I bet Dadddy would love him to sing it to him.  Kobe loves certain songs that he hears a lot on the radio and gets hooked on singing them for weeks on end. It always sounds very cute and made us smile, so I had no doubt Aaron would love to listen to him sing 'Party Rock Anthem'. This was his little version of it for Aaron this morning.

Thank goodness for Kobe who keeps us smiling all the time.  Without him things would be so much harder right now.


  1. Oh Kobe is just beautiful ... how cute. Singing a song for his dad ... you Rock Kobe.

  2. That is supa sweet go Kobe... party rock on little man, good job at keeping your Mum and brothers smilin xx

  3. Yes, Thank Goodness for The Kobester who keeps us all smiling.
    We do have a 'good good time" with him.
    I can imagine the bemused look on Aaron's face.
    How I miss his Daddy.
    Love Mum.

  4. he is so sweet! *thinking of you*

  5. how gorgeous. Don't you just love the sweet innocence of children?

  6. SO so cute Kobe. You have such a gift of putting a smile on everyone's face. Such a gift for your Mum. xx

  7. Kobe, great job! Sweet voice you have.


  8. So cute how the kids just know how and when to make us smile and laugh. So cute! Thinking of you and wishing you brighter days ahead.

  9. Lisa,
    Still following your blog closely. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you know how you are helping so many with you sharing your life with us.
    I hope some day to meet you in person. If you ever come to the US, come visit Florida.
    Hugs to you and your sweet boys.

  10. Thank goodness for tender mercies like Kobe making you smile. Thoughts are with you and your precious family every day. Noah and Aaron were probably rocking out to LMFAO!

    Love from the States xoxo

  11. I bet Aaron and Noah loved Kobe little song today.

  12. Great job, Kobe. Also so nice of someone to leave those lovely markers on Noah's and Aaron's grave. Must have melted your heart. Loved the other song he sang "Dynamite". He's really into the music, I can see that.

  13. Oh Kobe, that is just so precious! Your Dad and Noah would have been singing along with you I'm sure! Keep making everyone smile gorgeous boy :) xo

  14. He really is your little ray of sunshine

  15. I left the small tokens on Aaron and Noah's graves. Your honest, open writing has touched me deeply.
    Kobe, keep on singing to your Dad. Music is a wonderful healer.

  16. Children are such a blessing.

    His sweet voice really touches me. And I'm sure his dad is smiling.


  17. what a sweetheart... goodness...


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