Thursday, 1 March 2012

Still stalking the Hawks

A couple of months before Aaron passed away he was very excited to be asked to be the Communications Officer for the Tassie Hawks Supporter Group. Basically it meant he had to do secreterial stuff - attend meetings, taking minutes, email minutes and help promote events.  He went to his first meeting and was really excited about it, and was looking forward to doing more for Hawthorn in an official capacity.

He was excited about some pre-season events that were coming up and we had planned on taking the boys to a community camp and a intra-club match at Aurora.  They were held just a week or so after he passed away, and as hard as it was to go and take the boys, I knew that it was what Aaron would want us to do and I hoped it would be some fun for the boys.

They had a great time at community camp, doing drills with different players. 

Kobe had them all cracking up laughing.

He loved mucking around with Max Bailey, who would push him down with the bags. Kobe thought it was hilarious.

Harri had the best day and was so excited to back in his footy gear, playing with the Hawks players.

After the kids did the drills with the players, they got to sit and listen to them and ask questions.  Kobe asked them what their favourite show was, and Josh Gibson said 'The Wiggles' which Kobe thought was great!

They were really excited that Cyril Rioli was there and Kobe wouldn't leave him alone all day long.  He kept saying 'me doing hand passing with Cyril!' and wouldn't move when it was time to rotate to the next drill.

The next day we went to watch the intra-club match.  The Watsons, Chrish and Mum joined us.

Kobe always loves getting them to sign his hat afterwards.

Jay was excited to get another photo with Chance Bateman - his favourite player.

Kobe was making us laugh as I told him to go out to Hodgey to get his autograph and he just stood behind him with the biggest grin on his face the whole time. Poor Hodgey even tripped over him! I guess that's one way to get his attention.  I may have to try that next time! ;)

I'm sure that Aaron was happy that we are still stalking the Hawks for him, even though it was of course, not the same without him.


  1. That is such a nice post ..... lovely the see the boys still going on with Aarons dream of being involved with the Hawks. How gorgeous seeing Kobe having such a great time. He is a little cutie.

  2. He really must be so proud. xo

  3. Amazing...amazing photography! Every time I read a post, I have different thoughts and impressions. My thought during this post, was how you'll be so glad that you documented the emotions, thoughts, and days! From experience, I can tell you that journaling is one the most therapeutic things you can do!! It somehow empties all the emotions, and puts them somewhere....besides being locked up on the inside! Forgive the analogy, but it's like an emotional passing of gas.

  4. I'm sure that Aaron had a huge smile watching his boys do something he loved so much.

    You guys remain in my prayers!

  5. Your kids are beautiful and the day looked so fun . I am so glad you were able to take them. I really admire your strength to get up and go do this even though you probably wanted to just lay in the bed. I'm learning so much from your determination to survive and keep going. You inspire so many people!

  6. You seem to know just the right things to do for your boys, and somehow, you find the strength to do them.

    Being a mom is a great source of strength, isn't it? We do for our children what we might not be able or willing to do for ourselves. We simply go on.

    And that is a blessing.


  7. It looks like the boys had a wonderful day that they will never forget. How you had the energy to do it I will never know. But how great that you did.

    I am sure Aaron was looking down at you all with the biggest silliest grin on his face next to Noah, both loving it.

  8. What a gorgeous post Lisa! How sweet is Kobe :) xx

  9. haha, Aaron would be so proud! :)


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