Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Special Keepsakes from Nanna and Pa

Last weekend Aaron's Dad, Roxley and Step Mum, Carrol came up to visit.  They had told me during the week that they had some very special presents for the boys that they had found at home for them.  Aaron had obviously forgotten about an old Hawks footy that was at his Dad's house, because if he had remembered he would've brought it home and had it sitting somewhere special.   Roxley thought that Harri would love it, and he was right.  He gave Kobe Aaron's old special 'Skippy' cup (what a classic TV show!) and they got Aaron's nickname 'Moochie' engraved into his favourite glass he used to use, for Jalen.

Kobe loves his mug and has been using it ever since. He keeps asking 'what's that on it!?' and can't remember the word 'Skippy'.  Guess you had to be born in the 1970s or early 80s to appreciate who Skippy is.

Kobe kept us entertained as he wanted to take photos all afternoon using my DSLR.  He's lucky that I have other things on my mind at the moment, as he doesn't usually get to use it. Right now it's the least of my worries.  It's pretty much falling to bits anyway and it being held together literally with sticky tape! I need to get it fixed, but hate to have to send it away for a time. It's lucky for Kobe though as it means that Mum isn't as stressed about him touching it.  It made his afternoon to be able to take photos.

He cracked us up as he kept wanting to take photos of Nanna and Pa, but it was too heavy for him to hold up for too long, so kept just getting their bottom half. I still think it's a pretty cool pic though :)

He finally got one of them kissing and was very excited about it.

He made us smile when he looked at the screen and yelled 'got it!'. 

Thank goodness for my boys who keep me smiling every day.


  1. It's lovely that the boys have those special things from Aaron's childhood. We all had the skippy mugs too :)

    Kylie E
    (silly blogger wont let me post)

  2. Those photos are just so gorgeous .... it's funny how kids can be so natural with a camera. Love it. What gorgeous memories for the kids to have. Love the Skippy cup. Good old Bessemer ... my brother had one of those cups and a plate to match.

  3. What heartfelt gifts for the boys. We have a skippy cup in the cupboard and if I remember correctly the glass was one that fruit saline used to come in?

  4. That's so nice that your boys have a piece of Aaron's childhood. They'll treasure them forever. Darling pictures from your son. It's amazing the pictures you get when you turn the camera over to the kids!

    As always, you and your boys are in my prayers.

  5. That's pretty impressive that he can wield that big old camera and take a picture of his grandparents like that.

    What a lovely couple they seem to be.


  6. What special things they have from Aaron's childhood. And what a sweet family!!!
    In my thoughts and prayers - Kelley

  7. Lucky boys and so sweet of Aaron's parents to pass them along. Am sure they will be treasured :)

    They look like a sweet couple, so very sorry for their huge loss too.


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