Friday, 24 February 2012

Another Farewell

During the week I went to a funeral of an older friend from church. He had been sick for a while, so I know it was a relief for him and his family, but also know it's going to be hard for his family to now live without him.

'Nifty' was a truck driver before he retired, so it was an awesome idea when his son Mick (who is a truck driver too) thought of transporting the casket from the church to the cemetery on the back of his truck.  I'm sure he got some looks along the way, but know Nifty would've loved his last ride in the truck.

I'm afraid Kobe has been to too many funeral lately and thought he owned the place at the cemetery.  He plonked himself down on the seats which were meant to be for family members and sat there with a huge grin on his face, waiting for it to start.

It was a lovely funeral and it was nice to see that Nifty wasn't far from Aaron's grave.

I went and spent some time at Aaron's and Noah's graves afterwards, and sat there still not believing that it has really happened. Some friends were taking photos for Nifty's family at the cemetery, and sneakily took these photos of me. Thank you Leona and Annette.

This photo of Leona's son Benny makes me smile so much.  He was laying down next to Noah's grave to measure himself against Noah :)  You look pretty much the same height as him Benny! Not long now and you will be taller than him.


  1. love the post Lisa ...i hope Cathy gets to see it ..she jhas a new computer too now so i might have to call her and tell her to check it out...she has all my "happy snaps" now so i might be able to pop some on the blog too.

  2. You look very pretty and tanned in these photos! That top is so nice :) xo

    Looks like a nice farewell to a special man.

  3. Thinking of you and your boys every day. You are an amazing woman!!

    Hugs from Tigard, OR, USA

  4. Lisa, I just want to sit next to you in those pictures and hug you :(.

    Love from the States xoxo

  5. Children are such a source of relief sometimes.

    I love that your friend's casket was delivered on a truck. It's perfect.


  6. You are very strong. I want to cry when I read this because it seems like you have been given so much to handle. I know God says He will never give us more than we can bear but I suppose it is only with His grace and hope that we can really bear it. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  7. Lisa, (I'm a total stranger) but I was directed to your blog and have been gaining so much from you! You and your boys are amazing. You hang in there and continue to be strong, you're going to be okay and I know your loved ones are in a better place. Clearly Aaron and Noah needed to be together and they both knew that as hard as it is (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) you can handle it. You are amazing and are touching lives in ways you never knew were/was possible. Hugs and kisses!!!


  8. Too sweet how he got his final ride from his son. May he rest in peace.

    Must have been difficult for you to attend a funeral so soon after your husbands. So many losses for you it makes me want to help in some way all these miles away..


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