Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brown and Gold

One thing that really made me smile at Aaron's funeral was the brown and gold everywhere in the crowd of hundreds of people.    I'm sure Aaron really would've been smiling too.

My friend Brian and I used to go to uni and then teach together.  He is actually now the Attorney-General, but when we were teaching together I was pregnant with Jay and he gave Jay his first teddy bear - a Hawthorn bear.  It was lovely to have him and his wife Katie at the funeral and he gave another special present to him - a Hawthorn 'legends' guernsey which was signed by three legends of Hawthorn - Peter Hudson, Peter Knights and Gary Buckenara.  It doesn't mean much to me, except I know it's very, very special and that Aaron would've been over the moon about it.  It was lovely for Jalen to be given such a special gift.

Even Chrish pulled out Aaron's Hawks socks for the day :)

The funny thing was that about a month before Aaron passed away, we were sitting at Noah's grave and there was a funeral. We heard a football theme song being played as the casket was being lowered and Aaron made the comment 'that is so tacky!'. I started laughing and said that it what I would think that he would want at his funeral - to be lowered down to the Hawthorn theme song! He said 'no way' which surprised me, but it was nice to know that wasn't what he wanted.  I'm sure he had a smile on his face instead with all the Hawks colours with everyone wearing them just for him, and the brown and gold balloons.


  1. everytime i saw aaron at school or the supermarket i always sledged him about his footy team attire, he always had some quick witted reply which always made me laugh

  2. Another thought provoking post. Beautiful reflection.

  3. The socks were gold!!

  4. It wouldn't have been anything about Aaron without the brown and gold x

  5. What wonderful friends you all have.


  6. What a wonderful going home service you had for Aaron. How special it was. So glad this time down here on Earth is temporary and our Heavenly home is eternity.
    I have you and your precious family in my thoughts and prayers so very much, Kelley - Texas, USA

  7. I love how so many knew how to honor him and his memory. Hugs to you.


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