Friday, 10 February 2012

The Best Father Ever

I'm probably very biased but I think all of my boys are pretty amazing. I'm sure Jalen was meant to come to us as the eldest in the family because he has such a beautiful spirit. He always tries to do the right thing and has had to take on a lot of extra responsibility being the eldest, but especially because he was Noah's big brother.     

On the day of Aaron's funeral he was extremely sad, but the Jay that we know and love came out at different times.  He always know how to make us smile with his silly sense of humour. 

It is so hard seeing him so upset and not understanding why it has all happened. I wish I could just take all of the pain away from him.

On the way back from St Helens on the morning after Aaron passed away, Jay and Harri both started to talk about what they wanted to say in their talks at Aaron's funeral.  I didn't even have to ask them if they wanted to speak - they both just knew they wanted to.  I was amazed at Harri's and Jay's strength to get up at Noah's funeral and speak, so I was even more proud of them that they wanted to, and were able to speak about Aaron on such a hard day.

This is Jalen's talk which he wrote himself the day after Aaron passed away.  

My dad to some of you was a teacher, husband, son, friend, family member but to me he was the best father ever.  No offence to all the other dads out there but I think my dad is the best dad anyone could have and  here are a few stories.

If you know my dad well you should know he is a very funny man.  He had a joke for every situation. He always liked to do impressions of mum which always cracks me up.  It is hilarious.

Now my dad loves his footy.   He always talks about it and gets stressed when Hawthorn play. It was the 2008 grand final day and my dad cried for joy when the siren went. That is how much he loves his footy!

Also one time I came into the lounge room while Hawthorn and Essendon was playing and all I could hear was dad yelling at the television and him punching the ground. It was intense!

He did not just love his footy, he all loved his American sport like the NBA. Dad, Harri and I always bagged each other out for liking which teams we went for, and always played basketball on the Wii and he always beat me.  Wenever our team versed each other we always used to bag each other and attack each other.

He loved Kings Meadows High School so much and he loved the staff and the students so much and I know he will love for everyone at the school to keep strong and work hard.

I am going to miss Dad so much, but I know he will want me to keep strong.

I love you Dad I hope you are having a great time with Noah. I know you missed him heaps. I will miss you heaps.

I love you Dad you are the best father ever.


  1. Well done Jay !

  2. Lisa, what a beautiful post. The pictures of you and Jalen together made me weep. What beautiful boys you and Aaron have and it breaks my heart that they (and you, a husband and son) have been robbed of an amazing father and brother. I wish so much that I could take your, Jalen, Harrison and Kobe's pain away, I truly do. Your strength is so admirable and your boys are so lucky to have such an amazing mum. I would dearly love to meet you and your beautiful boys one day Lisa as I just want you to know how much you are in my constant thought and prayers. Please remember that my (and many others) thoughts are with you and the darling boys. I send my deepest sympathy, thoughts and love to you, Jalen, Harri and Kobe as you strive to find sense in what has happened and the courage to carry on. SO much love to you and your family Lisa xoxo

  3. Can I just say ditto to what Jess said. :) oh Jay u are truly amazing, even before you lost your beautiful brother and Dad- we could all see it then too. XX xxxx

  4. a very special young man...with just the best those hugs Jay..even when i am old and frail and you could break my bones...i will still want them...

  5. So beautiful .... what wonderful boys you have ... sons to be so very proud of. I imagine that their dad and brother would be looking down and feeling so proud. Even though they make me cry I love reading your posts and feel so inspired to be a better person each time.

  6. He is already an extraordinary young man, what a beautiful boy. I hope Mason turns out like Jay x

  7. I love he Jaken is so open and honest with his feelings. The first few photos cracked me up and the the next ones made me cry.

    Loved his talk at the funeral. He delivered it beautifully and the wonderful young man he is turning into is a credit to you and Aaron x

  8. What an amazing talk from such a young boy. He is going to make an incredible father one day. Thanks to the example that he was given. You are a wonderful mother and you are doing a phenomenal job with your boys.

  9. oh those photos are so sad - aaron is so missed, and loved x

  10. He's wonderful Lisa! You guys will have many years of memories to make and funny stories to tell. You'll get a sense of peace when you guys laugh. You'll have a confirmation that's just the way that Aaron wants it to be. You're always welcome for a visit to America!

  11. A beautiful tribute to his Dad. He should be very proud. I am sure his Dad would be very proud of him as well. Prayers for his healing heart.

  12. What a strong young man your Jalen is.
    Jeanette USA

  13. Such beautiful photos of you and your sweetheart of a son. What a wonderful tribute to his father. I just imagine Aaron and Noah watching the services together with big smiles.
    You have such a wonderful family. You are all so strong in your faith. So inspirational.

  14. What a beautiful tribute. So touching. x

  15. What a wonderful young man he is, and I'm sure he is a great blessing to you and your family at such a difficult time. May he be blessed and comforted, and I hope he realizes that he carries much of your husband's clearly beautiful spirit with him.

    I haven't been reading long, but it's plain to see that your boys are and have been well loved. That love will make them as resilient as young boys can possibly be, and with the Lord's help, they will weather this separation from their dad and brother for a season. I, along with many others, am keeping all of you in my prayers.

  16. I hope you don't mind these comments from those of us you don't know. I've added your blog to my blog roll and read your thing you are doing by posting them is reminding me to be grateful and to make the most of every day. Today I noticed the statement on your sidebar "Don't Count the Days Make the Days Count". Thank you for helping us all to remember to do this; it's so important. Take care & God bless.

    Illinois USA

  17. What a beautiful talk!
    Came across your blog on NieNie's blog, and my heart is heavy for your family.
    Jalen, you are such a strong young man, and so luck to have the best dad. You will carry on his memory in the way you continue to share qualities of your dad. You one day will become the best father (ok maybe 2nd to your dad) and you will have so much to share!

    Much love,
    Megan - Idaho, USA

  18. What darling boys...all of them. Tribute to not only the best dad ever, but clearly an extraordinary mother.

  19. I am so sorry for your loss,Its hard I lost my 2 siblings 3 months apart in 2011, But God is Great he will hold your hands, You are in my prayers.

  20. You are right to be proud and it is amazingly important to see how you can give each other strength to continue, even if faltering, under these tragic circumstances.

    Warmest regards from the father of an extremely disabled child.

  21. That was a beautiful talk Jaylen and I'm so glad you have such fond memories of your dad. I hope you will remember to write them down so you can read them in the future and even tell your own children just how special your dad was.

    Diane, Utah USA

  22. I remember watching Jalen all day thinking how strong and brave he was being, how calm and grown up he seemed. I didn't see him like the photos of you and him together, Lisa. I know he would easily have been that upset, but he kept it together very well. I think he has inherited just the right amounts of you and of Aaron which will serve him very well as he grows.

    It was a great speech Jalen!! I felt so honoured to hear you say those words. I could tell how much you truly meant them!

  23. what a beautiful young man. those pictures are just heart breaking seeing his pain and sadness xx

  24. I just can't even imagine...those pictures are so heart breaking. I'm so amazed at the strength that your boys had to get up in front of 100's and speak so eloquently about their father. xxx


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