Thursday, 16 February 2012


I was very anxious this morning about how Harri was going to go at school today.  He decided that Noah's monkey 'Nono' was coming with him again which was fine with me, as long as he was 'happy' to go to school.  He had stopped dragging 'Nono' everywhere at the end of last year, but he's now going everywhere with him again.

I tried to make things as calm as possible and not make it into a big deal so that he didn't get worked up before school.

He was quite happy until we got there and then started getting stressed saying 'I don't want to go to school!!'.  I told him I would stay with him for a little while (I had pre-planned it with the staff from school just in case I had to) and hung out with his class while they played a game outside for 'daily PE'. It was so nice to see him relax more and start to have fun and enjoy being with his friends.  

The Assistant Principal loves Kobe (and he loves her) so she took him for a play in her office while I hung out with Harri.  He made me laugh as when we were about to leave he just jumped up on her chairs and popped his little feet up on the table like he owned the place!

When it was time for Harri to go back inside after playing a game with his class, he started to stress again so I told him I would hang around with him until he did his journal writing about his summer holidays.  He wrote that on the holidays we went to Bicheno and St Helens and went to lots of beaches and saw two penguins.  When he had finished his journal writing he was allowed to have free choice, which he was super excited about, so he was happy to say goodbye to me.  I talked to his psychologist and she said that is the worst thing that could happen at school would be leaving him there in tears, as it would just be another trauma for him to go through. It only took an hour and a half, but I was so glad that I could walk out of the school with him happy, rather than in tears.

While he was at school Kobe and I headed up to see our friend Marlo and had a treatment on the MORA.  We had a laugh how Aaron used to call it 'MORA, MORA the body explorer'.  

I told Harri that I was going to miss him so much after having all summer together, so I wanted to pick him up early for a few days (just so he knew that the day wasn't going to be too long if he was stressing about being there).  I told him that after lunch I would come and get him and we would do something special together, so he was excited and chose to go to Maccas (again!).  We are sure keeping Maccas in business at the moment - Aaron would be proud!

It was nice to have Harri with us for the afternoon and know that he had a happy day at school. He is looking forward to it tomorrow, but did have a little cry on the way home as he's still very stressed about it all, which is understandable.

I love my boys.  I just hate seeing them hurting so much, but hope that trying to give them a little bit of normality and even some fun is helping them.


  1. Wow. Lisa, I don't really know you but as I read your posts my heart breaks for you and your boys! I know that faith in the gospel can pull you through though, and it is inspiring to see your faith through what you write.
    Thank you for sharing such personal experiences with us.

  2. I'm so pleased Harri had a successful day back at school. The normality you are giving all the boys is sure to help. Below this post was a link to another post of yours 'Be thou an example' I think you epitomize an example of what we all should be. I wish things were different and you didn't have to be strong or an amazing example. Thinking of you all.

    Theresa xx

  3. I'm delighted Harri had a good day. I think you should be exceptionally proud of yourself and the marvellous way you are easing him into school gently. We will keep up the prayers for you all. God Bless.

  4. Your boys are just beautiful Lisa. Sending a special prayer for Harri tonight. Everyday you are in my thoughts and prayers, and you continue to inspire me daily. Love in Christ x

  5. You're such a great mum Lisa. Aaron and Noah must be so proud of you. xx

  6. yes, you are a great mum!!!! You are doing so well! Please be proud of you! I am!!! And i don't even know you!
    (its so nice to see you a having summer, since WE are having winter here in germany at the moment, my son (max 10) is very unhappy because it was very very cold (-20 Celcius) but we did not have any SNOW this winter, but I am very much looking forward to have some sunny days, please pretty soon )

  7. Hello from Canada. Just read your blog and this latest post. You are such a wonderful mother. And an amazing woman. You are role model and inspiration to follow. Thank you.


  8. I've said it before, I'll say it again...YOU are an amazing mum. I know it must be so hard, but you are doing all the right things. Love you Lisa! xxx

  9. You
    In uears to come these boys will never be ungrateful for all that you're doing for them. You're selfless. An example of such full love, my heart overflows.

  10. I've been following your blog for a while now from canada. I check in everyday to see how you and your little guys are doing. Your strength and wisdom are inspiring and every thoughtful act of servie you do for your boys to help them to cope has been touching. I hope you are getting all the hugs and love you need right now.

  11. Im so glad that Hari had a great day at school! You amaze me every day, Aaron and Noah are very proud of you Lisa.

  12. I am very impressed with how you are handling this whole situation. You are an amazing mother. I love to see how you are so in love with your beautiful boys and are doing everything to help them through this difficult. Don't forget to take care of you too.

    Sending love to you all the way from Idaho in the United States.

  13. You are doing a fantastic job Lisa, make sure you are taking care of you too xx

  14. You truly are an amazing example of having faith and moving forward. You amaze me, and it truly is a testimony of seeing the Savior's Atonement in someone's life. Thank you for your testimony. I am so so sorry for your tender losses. I am praying for you, and you truly are a mom to be blessed eternally! Your boys are beautiful, you are beautiful, and I know that because of your faith and love, your boys will succeed and feel true joy throughout their lives! I know the Lord will stay with you forever and ever!!

  15. You are amazing! I hope you take some time to heal yourself too.

  16. I'm glad your boys are doing better. And you are a great Mum helping them through this very sad time in their lives and in yours as well. They are lucky to have a wonderful Mum like you. Everything is still so fresh and new to them, so it will be difficult and hard for them. At least they can talk about how sad they feel. I'm glad their teachers are so supportive as well. Blessings to all of you.


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