Friday, 10 February 2012

Deja Vu

Driving to the cemetery for Aaron's burial was the strangest feeling.  We had just done the same thing over three months ago to bury Noah's body and it was hard to believe what we were actually doing.    It was just crazy to see Aaron's name on the sign this time.

 It's crazy to think that just a couple of months ago Aaron and I were visiting Noah's grave together and said how awful it would be to have to visit a grave in the 'dirt patch' as it's the newest part of the cemetery and doesn't have any grass sown yet.  The good thing about it though is that his grave is so close to Noah's.

A beautiful lady Nicole had asked local florists if anyone was able to donate flowers for Aaron's funeral. We were overwhelmed with so many beautiful flowers from different florists around town, and it was lovely to have so many beautiful roses to use at the cemetery.

I knew we had to do a balloon release like with Noah, and of course the choice of colours had to be Hawthorn. 

Each of my brothers and two brother in laws - Alex and Ashley and Aaron's Dad were the pall bearers.

Our Bishop and friend from church Corey Bailey dedicated his grave, while the casket was being lowered.

Kobe made everyone smile when he kept saying 'Here he goes! Going down, down, down, down down! Now he's in Heaven!'.

Straight after the casket was lowered we released the balloons. It was so different to Noah's balloon release. When we did it at Noah's burial all the kids yelled 'Bye Noah' with happy voices like they knew how happy he must've been.  With Aaron's everyone was just so quiet as we released them. Everyone just stood around his grave in silence for a very long time, still not really believing what was happening.  


Everything then threw in flowers, Hawks scarves and one of his students even threw in his Hawks tie.

Harri was so strong all day and even made me smile when he looked down into the grave and then put his hands into fists and said 'score Dad!'. I have no idea why he said it, but he obviously thought that his Dad had scored by being where he is right now.

It was just really hard to stand there without Aaron by my side, but I was so grateful for so many amazing friends and family who did all they could to make me feel like I wasn't going through it alone.

Some of Aaron's students had brought along some of their own balloons and asked me if I would like to use them to release at Noah's grave. 

A lot of the people had already moved over to Noah's grave, so we headed over and Kobe and Harri released them.

The mood was a lot lighter over at Noah's grave. It's hard to describe but a lot of the feelings of grief that I had after Noah passing have now gone, and been taken over with just happy thoughts of where he is and what he can now do. I still miss him terribly every single minute of every day, but the feelings I now have are consumed with thoughts of Aaron and what has happened. It's so hard to grieve for both of them at the same time, especially as the situations are so different.  I don't think my mind and body is letting me grieve for both of them together, because if I did then I don't think I could handle it. I know it's going to take a very long time before I can sort through my feelings about both of them passing away so close to each other and at all. 

Harri and Kobe had everyone laughing while I was kneeling at Noah's grave as they decided they were going to make me into a 'rock star' and tease up my hair.  Thank goodness for my crazy boys who know how to lighten the mood when it's needed.

It was nice for Jay to have his friend Rani with him and they made me laugh by their craziness. I'm so glad they are going to high school together this year as I know Jay needs good friends to help him through the hard days ahead.

The whole day just seems like a dream now, and we're still not really believing it's real.  


  1. Reading your blog makes me so thankful for the blessing of having a knowledge of Heavenly Father's Plan and his love for us. Just beautiful Lisa, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Lisa. I was looking at the rose that Kobe was holding--it's almost as big as he is! All of the flowers were beautiful. On another note, are there bereavement groups in your area where people can help you get through your losses and especially help the children with their grieving process. These are people who specialize and are trained in helping a person or family with the grieving process and you may find it helpful and especially the children because they've lost their brother and their Dad. You are a very strong family and have a wonderful support group. We all must take this journey at some point in our lives, but to have to take it at your young age and your children's is a lot harder. My heart goes out to all of you. Sending you lots of hugs and love from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts USA

  3. Beautiful.
    I loved the note to father from son. So precious.
    It is a blessing to have such sweet boys to bring laughter and happiness- sprinkling joy along the difficult journey.

  4. Blessings coming from our family to yours.

  5. Many prayers are being said in your behalf in Utah. Good luck in the coming days and months, you seem like such a strong woman.

  6. Dear King family,
    Your blog has touched me and I can't even begin to describe how in awe I am of your strength and power to get through all you have been given. I ran across your blog through NieNie and am so glad I did. Although we are complete strangers, please know that so many of us that have never even met you or your family are saddened by the events and are truly thinking and praying for you all the time. So sorry for the pain and sadness you and those darling boys have gone through. Cherish the fun moments together.

  7. Oh Lisa, what a tender post. I loved the note in the flowers too. Sending you all my love.

  8. Praying for you and your precious boys and the rest of Aaron's family and friends.
    So thankful for the promise of life everlasting with our Lord Jesus Christ. One day we will be with our loved ones again.

  9. You are a strong, strong woman. Thank your for these inspiring post. I have four boys almost the same ages as yours. I think what you are doing with this blog and for your boys is just amazing. You are in my thoughts. Jodi from Utah

  10. When I read that harri said 'score dad' that got me crying again.
    You are such a ray of strength Lisa, even in the most unbelievably sad and heartbreaking of times.
    thinking of you and love you lots xxx

  11. I really don't like the title of this post. You guys did such a good job, the funeral was beautiful and a perfect way to remember Aaron x

  12. Lisa, Jalen, Harri & Kobe, you are all still very much in my family's thoughts and prayers.
    Sending our love to you all.

  13. So cool that everyone had lots of time at Aarons grave and the beautiful roses and balloons, then went to Noahs grave too and the lovely as a funeral/send off could be.

  14. You're doing an amazing job blogging all this Lisa - I am sure it is a hard thing to do but you will be glad later on. I still don't believe it myself so I can imagine how hard it is for you to actually believe it is real. xox

  15. Lisa - you don't know me at all - but somehow I got to your blog and haven't stopped thinking about you and your precious boys for several days. I finally got brave enough this morning to comment - words seem so empty in a situation like this. Yet for some of us, that is all we have - not the right words but words of prayer and healing and faith that your son and husband are together, in the strong arms of Jesus. One of my dear friends lost her husband yesterday to brain cancer and I wept huge tears for her. I think I was weeping for both of you. Our God is a God of faith, a God of healing, and I pray that all the souls who are suffering today will find comfort at the cross.

    God Bless you, I am so sorry for your loss :(:(

    From the Taylors, Diane and Dave, located in Baltimore, MD (US)

  16. So close together. May the Lord continue to wrap his loving arms around you and your boys as you face each day without your best friend and their father. I love you! xxx


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